us and Weimar

at the Thuringen experience day, i chose Weimar city (recommended by my hosts too). the city was beautiful and so were the weather. it wasn't as cold as when i arrived in Ilmenau. but the tour (with a non-English spoken guide tour), i'm sorry to say, it was a little bit boring. maybe because literature wasn't my thing. but i really love Goethe summer house. it has a gorgeous garden and i took lots of pictures there. the buildings were old and beautiful. and i got two ethnic books from the local stand. she sold many ethnic things including scarf, bags, etc. but those two books caught my attention immediately because it has leather cover with elephant and camel in it, tied up with some rope. and she was really nice. i got them for 20 euros that was actually 15 euros each. :) 
oh! by the way, there were so many books in here (i'm addicted to books) and i really wanted to buy them. unfortunately they were all in Germany. too bad.

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