ditengah-tengah UAS

Nanny's Pavilion! such a beautiful place with my beautiful friends. ;)
kita kesana abis UAS minggu pertama, melupakan seluruh UAS di minggu berikutnya. awalnya sih hampir ga jadi, tapi karena kesetresan kita mengalahi kemalasan kita untuk keluar kosan, akhirnya jadi. beneran ga nyesel jalan2 pas lagi minggu UAS. semangat jadi balik lagi, dan kenangan2 konyol sama temen2 gw juga jadi nambah. plus, i got a cool sun glass for my next holiday. yuuk!

photos courtesy of Renny A. Putri


The Rise of The Planet of The Apes

the only reason i watched this movie is because there's Tom Felton involved. haha! he is so handsome, but like always he's being kind of a prick. anywaaay.. i love how they make the apes so intelligent in this movei. it's like they really that smart in real life. all the special effect is really flawless, makes me think that the apes is actually an actual ape for a second. well if you love James Franco (in my case it's Tom Felton ;p) you should watch this movie.



interesting night. i was there to participate in discussion of marine sustainability with people of America and the fisheries and marine government of Indonesia. i loveee.. it there. it was all high tech. we could borrow an iPad! haha! you guys should come down there. almost everyday they had an event and it's all free!


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farewell bracelet!

after 6 month unfortunately i have to say goodbye to my lovely ISWI bracelets. after a couple of nights i smelled something weird and one night i figured that it was came from my bracelet. i guess wanting to keep this in my arm for 2 years is a little bit unrealistic :(


tumblr playing

now i got a tumblr! guys..
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hidup sehat nyook!

sehat itu bener2 anugerah buat kita. ga enak kan kalo sakit? ga bisa apa2. apalagi kalo lo ngekos, jauh dari orang tua. jadi ga bisa kuliah, bersosialisasi (halah! ngegaul lah bahasa anak remajanya), dll. nah, gw punya beberapa tips biar kesehatan ada di tangan kita terus :)
satu. jangan tidur lebih dari jam 10! yaah.. ngaret dikit jam 11 lah.. ini penting banget! kecuali emang lo ada kegiatan yang ngeharusin lo pulang lebih dari jam segitu. ga ada alesan begadang buat ngerjain tugas. lah siapa suruh tugas ditumpuk dan dikerjain pas akhir2? banyak penelitian yang udh ngebuktiin kalo tidur kemaleman itu ga bagus apalagi buat cewek. lama kelamaan tuh kantong mata punya kantong mata lho.
dua. jangan lupa makan sayur. well, gw emang ngakuin kalo rada susah buat makan sayur kalo ngekos. tapi kan pasti ada beberapa penjual makanan yang ngejual sayur yang udah dimasak. aand.. kalo bisa (dan punya duit) beli buah. ya kalo enggak jus laah.. tapi jangan pake gula lagi.
tiga. olahraga. sukur2 kalo lo emang ikut organisasi olahraga kampus. tapi kalo enggak? waah.. lemaknya tambah numpuk deh. kalo mau, jogging2 ringan aja ngelilingin kampus pagi2 ato ga sore. kan sekalian cuci mata tuh. (haha tu mah gw). kalo yang males keluar kosan untuk olahraga, bisa olahraga ringan di dalem kosan. sekedar push up, sit up, ato gerakan2 aerobik yang lo sering liat di tv2.
empat. have fun! this is the most important thing. mungkin lo mikir apa hubungannya have fun sama sehat. tapi ini nyambung banget. soalnya liat aja deh, kalo terlalu stres, rambut lo rontoknya makin banyak yang malah bikin tambah stres! dan bisa bikin lo ga bisa tidur karena di pikiran lo tuh adanya tugaaas.. bebaaan.. mulu. just take a minute to escape from the world and take a deep fresh breath.
lima. bersih2 kosan. emang sih males, apalagi nyikat kamar mandi. beuh! but eits! itu penting banget lho. nyapu, ngepel, nyikat wc, nyikat kamar mandi, bersihin debu2 yang udah numpuk di barang2 dalem kosan.

soo.. mari kita jaga kesehatan kita! mulai lakuin hal2 diatas yang mungkin keliatannya sepele, tapi sangat berguna bagi kesehatan kita.

because if there's health, there's happiness.


Breaking Dawn

okaay.. i'm totally in love with the wedding! the dress is stunning, the venue is breath-taking, Edward is gorgeous like always, everything i want! aaah! so envy with her. haha!
oh, and i love the special effect they have done to Bella. i mean it's like my imagination when i read the book came true. she was looking so skinny yet happy with the baby inside killing her. but i kinda wanna throw up though when i saw the part where she has to drink blood. i mean, come on! it's gross! 
lastly, Renesmee is too cute! she got this wide rounded eyes. i just want to cuddle her!


i present to youu..

yesterday was a blast! OSEANIK create an event called OXIDE (OSEANIK EXPO of Indonesian Dive Site). everybody was giving us positive feedback. especially the games stand. it was a hit! thanks to my friend, Chyka. she really knows how to invite people and the crowd ;)
aaand.. these are the people behind the expo.
plus the intern students who helped us (2011). thanks guys!



well maybe this time around i won't be here so often because i have a tumblr and i guess kinda obsessed with it (maybe it won't last) and i don't have much thing to tell you. soo.. just wait, okay? ;)


Just Go With It

Adam Sandler always got me! haha! and with Jennifer Aniston too! this comedy genre movie is epic. must watch guys! it tells a story about a man who always lies by wearing a fake wedding ring to sleep with women. one time, he likes a girl very very much (played by Brooklyn Decker whose got a killer body if i may add) and asked his receptionist/assistant to be his wife. from then, the lies becoming a wildfire until all the truth came out in their Hawaiian chaotic vacation. oh, by the way, Nicole Kidman is in this movie too. :)


who to blame?

i made this post when i saw my little sister sitting in front of the computer all day. and the worst, when it was time my mom to use that computer, she yelled (can you believe it? she yelled at my mom!) to her complaining that my mom already had enough playing in the computer and it was her turn. heck, she's been in front of the computer all day!
i can't picture how my mom feels that moment. but i know my mom. i know she'll be fine about it. but i don't want to discuss about respect to your mom (not that it isn't important), but i want to discuss how technology affect our lives. well yes, our lives become more and more easy. but you know what they say, "too much is not good". i think that's what happen with my little sister. electronic things at my home suddenly exploded such as TV, computer, etc. everyone at my home is happy about it, but sometimes i hate to see my sister always using them. she forgetting about things, like her world is on the computer.
don't you remember how fun it is to play hide and seek with your neighbor? cycling around your neighborhood? sadly now there's only a few children still want to do that. they prefer to play Play Station, computer, watch TV.
so who to blame? technology? i don't think so. i think parents should limit their children to those things, or maybe their siblings. they have to be educated about using electronics.



this movie is actually brilliant if you care to think to their thoughts (the trespassers). i love it because in the first 30 minutes you watched this, you thought that the only fugitive in the house is Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage and their daughter. but by the time Cage didn't want to give the code to the trespassers, they started to reveal their problems. that actually one person (the one that lead the operation to rob the house) was the real fugitive 'cause he has a huge debt to one of his friend and it gets more complicated since there. trust between other too.


crazy for looklet

'directed' life

i want Justin Timberlake to gather lots of people to do a flash mob only for me
i want Alex Pettyfer made me a green house just 'cause i'm bored by the city view
i want Jesse Bradford to make me a rock song yet romantic lyrics
i want Channing Tatum to write me a letter and send it to my house
i want Zac Efron to ask me on a picnic on a golf course

but my life isn't directed by Kenny Ortega, or Lasse Hallstrom, or even Daniel Barnz.
well.. at least it doesn't directed by The Pang Brothers or Rob Zombie. ;p


peduli lingkungan ala anak kosan

1. jangan buang majalah atau apapun yang berbentuk kertas dan tipis. jadiin a work of art aja. terus, kemasan body lotion (apa aja bisa botol juga) or in my case bisa nampung sesuatu, juga jangan dibuang dulu. mereka bisa jadi tempat naro perhiasan atau semacamnya lhoo..

2. selalu bawa tas kecil (yag cukup buat taro barang belanjaan) atau plastik bekas yang di dapet dari supermarket. jangan terima plastik lagi kalo belanja di supermarket. tapi kalo emang lupa dan terpaksa, gpp. ntar plastiknya bisa dikumpulin dan dijadiin plastik buat taro sampah.

3. kertas2 dari semester2 lalu atau bekas proposal atau apapun itu yag berbentuk kertas A4, kalo dirasa udah ga diperluin, jangan dibuag dulu. jadiin buat catetan semester baru. daripada beli isi folder atau beli buku lagi, mending kertas2 yang udh ga kepake dijadiin buku. pake bagian kosongnya buat nyatet. tinggal dijilid doang, voila! you got a stylish and green note book. :D


The Time Traveler's Wife

ohmygod! this movie is way romantic! Eric Bana reall are charming. i think he'll swoon all girls even though their first meet will be he's-hiding-behind-the-bushes-naked. but the way he talked, such a gentleman and collected. i was falling in love with him. haha! by the way, if i ever had a husband that could time travel, i would be stressed out and worry too much 'cause he's always disappearing at any time, even at your wedding day! (it's on the movie, not my imagination though) 
but don't worry though, this movie kind of have a happy ending. touchy.

love yourself

lately i've been really inspired with this song sang by the most unique person in the whole wide world, Lady Gaga. really made you confident when you heard this song and i guarantee you, will made your day a lot better. :) so here's just some of the lyrics that i thought is the most brilliant. 

"don't be a drag just be a queen
whether you broke or evergreen
you're black, white, beige, chola descent
you're lebanese, you're orient
whether life's dissabilities
left you outcast, bullied, or teased
rejoice and love yourself today
'cause baby you were born this way
no matter gay, straight or bi
lesbian, transgendered life
i'm on the right track baby
i was born to survive
no matter black, white, or beige
chola or orient made
i'm on the right track baby
i was born to be brave"



kalo ngeliat maba2 berkeliaran sekarang2 ini jadi teringat masa gw sendiri pas jadi maba. dengan rambut pendek gw (gw dulu sempet dipanggil satpam cewek sama salah satu senior gw -_-), kemeja biru kegedaan yang baru gw beli malem sebelum gw ospek, rok panjang yang bahannya ga nyaman, dan seperti maba lainnya... name tag yang selalu gw copot kalo udh nyampe gerbang. kan gawat kalo tukang ojek tau nama gw gara2 tuh name tag sialan. haha!
well, semenderitanya gw dulu, sekarang dijadiin cerita seru banget lho! kayaknya ga ada abis2nya. dari senior yang paling disebelin, waktu2 paling memalukan pas ospek, banyak lah. pastinya mengundang cawa tanda. nyesel banget ninggalin satu momen ospek karena males doang. kan kalo gitu jadi kalo temen2 lagi cerita kitanya jadi ga nyambung. ya toh?


Pantai Nirwana, Bau-Bau

the beach is sooo.. beautiful! i mean it literally made me shriek like i never seen a beach before. haha! i even found some 'little friends' welcoming me to the beach. :D


The Hangover 2

CRAZY FELLOWS! haha! they really know how to have fun without even remembering what happened so the next day when you got a really bad hangover you could have a really amazing adventure to seek your missing friend. haha! if you like to drink much like them or you have a friend like Alan, you should try some adventure like them. worth the try right? but not for me since i'm a moslem. ;p


yep! we're still tight!

yes! after 2 years and more, we still going strong! although maybe there's a time when we separated and fighting here and there, but we still remain best buddy through thick and thin. yep, they always colored my day. hope that we'll be like this until the day of our graduation. and better yet, until we find our separate way, having family and everybody is scatter around the world. amen to that! :D