perks of reading a book

I just merely writing from a page in Michael Crichton's book: Congo. Always the brilliant in making a storyline (you all seen Jurassic Park), he always struck in the best of way.
Over the years, scientists had evolved a standard defense acceptable to the courts. Researches claimed that their experiments had the goal of bettering the health and welfare of mankind, a higher priority than animal welfare. They pointed out that no one objected to animals being used as beasts of burden or for agricultural work--a life of drudgery to which animals had been subjected for thousands of years. Using animals in scientific experiments simply extended the idea that animals were the servants of human enterprises.
In addition, animals were literally brutes. They had no self-awareness, no recognition of their existence in nature. This meant, in the words of philosopher George H. Mead, that "animals have no rights. We are at liberty to cut off their lives, there is no wrong committed when an animal's life is taken away. He has not lost anything..."
Many people were troubled by these views, but attempts to establish guidelines quickly ran into logical problems. The most obvious concerned the perceptions of animals further down the phylogenetic scale. Few researchers operated on dogs, cats, and other mammals without anesthesia, but what about annelid worms, crayfish, leeches, and squid? Ignoring these creatures was a form of "taxonomic discrimination". Yet if these animals deserved consideration, shouldn't it also be illegal to throw a live lobster into a pot of boiling water?
Doesn't it makes you wonder? Over the years, what change? Why do people started to care about animals? What else do you have in mind about this paragraph?


beautiful places in Hawai'i: Protohub Honolulu

i know that this place is not outdoor and probably not a usual tourist site. but if you're an entrepreneur and you need a place to consolidate or merely a place to meet other people who has the same passion as you do, than Protohub Honolulu is the perfect place for you! even if you want to do an event and have a hard time finding a place, you can book it here.
Protohub Honolulu is a co working space that specializes in events and programs that foster a supportive community, develop professional network, connect investors and entrepreneurs, provide entrepreneurial training, and implement funding/investment programs. for more info on this amazing space, check out their website: http://www.protohubhonolulu.net/en/about
with amazing decorations and comfy couches, i wouldn't mind staying long for brainstorming with a cup of hot coffee ;)


22 Jump Street

it's been so so long since i wrote my last movie review. because i looove movies, i will keep the tradition alive. and i will start with 22 Jump Street! honestly, the first movie wasn't that memorable and not that funny. beside, the jokes mostly are dirty jokes instead of pure jokes (if you know what i mean). but this one is definitely funny! i even laugh my ass off! but still.. some of the jokes are not really my taste. but overall was damn funny and a good plot. it's too refreshing seeing Channing Tatum ;p (i think one of the reason i watched this movie)


photo op with POTUS

YSEALI Academic & Professional Fellows 2015 with Barack Obama

There I am, so close to Obama. Up until now I could never describe the feeling how I felt that day when I saw him walk into the room with a big smile and greet us. Excited? Happy? Nausea? I would probably say yes to all of that. 
In a photo, position is super important. The story why I end up being so close to Obama on this shot goes way back before I came to the US. I was considering bringing heels for this program, but then my suitcase already so bulky and I was afraid it will be overweight. Then in Hawai'i, the good news came on the last few days before we're going to Colorado. So Ines and I (like any other girls would), planning on buying heels to go to the White House. I guess i'm a bit cheapo for this, but also thinking I wanted to buy affordable heels because let's face it, I rarely use them on a daily basis. So long story short, I bought a pair in Goodwill. God knows how old those shoes were, but it's only 10 dollars! The day we went to The White House, I carried the heels on my purse because I know I will suffer if I have to use them all day long. I changed into them on the bus, but we still have 10 minutes to grab a quick lunch. Mistake or a blessing in disguise, I took a few stride with that heels, and the sole came off! Thankfully I still have my flat shoes and doesn't want to carry a broken shoes to The White House, I throw it on the trash can without a second thought.
I know you're still wondering why all this got to do with my position on the photo above. Well, this is just my thought, but when we're arranging position, they asked for the short ones goes in the middle and the tall ones goes in the outer part. If I wore the heels, I would stick out quite tall and have to stand way out there. Soo.. believe me or not, that is my unfortunate fortunate story.