The Thing

all hell breaks lose.. in the Arctic! haha! this movie is beyond amazing. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is amazing as always, she's really has clicked with this kind of movie remembering her act in Final Destination 3. to think if i was in this movie my wall of defense will go as high as possible even the berlin wall will be there again haha! the most interesting part of this movie is because you didn't know who you're gonna trust 'cause everybody could be an alien copying you.


'ngesot' to Bali

well.. i have learned the hard way to travel. i mean literally! my back was sore, my neck is really in all the wrong places, my butt is really really hot and numb, my friends and i didn't take a shower for two days! haha!
so first, i took Primajasa bus from Lebak Bulus to Jatinangor. then i took a breath at the house and go straight to meet my friends. then we gone to Rancaekek to take a train to Bandung. in Bandung, we continued the train to Malang. it took about 12 hours (i think and i think that's when my back started to sore ;p) from Malang, we took a bus to Jember and from Jember we continued the bus journey to Bali (which is really scary because we were in the same bus with a hell bunch of scary men).


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

like always, Guy Ritchie always makes Robert Downey Jr. a sharp, fast pace acting and i that's what i love about this movie. too bad Irene Adler died (woops! sorry, a 'lil bit spoiler to those who haven't watch this movie yet). and as always and thanks to the writer, i could see Dr. Watson's wife again. she is so pretty and her face is timeless beauty. she never looked ugly. so MUST watch this and make your adrenaline pumping through the end.


jalan2 keliling kota

niatnya sih mo reunian sama anak2 delegasi ISWI. eh ternyata yang bisa dateng cuman gw sama mia. yasudah, like Broadway always says, the show must go on. jadilah kita berdua jalan2 keliling2 sekitar kota tua jakarta. and here are the pictures!


as always, new year resolution

1.) getting taller
2.) accepted to at least one international event
3.) become tumblr famous haha!
4.) a better GPA
5.) new hairstyle baby!

and.. i will update this if anything comes up. ;)


Dream House

i thought this movie is about two little girls ghosts. but actually it's better than that. it's about a murder, and at first i thought that Will (Daniel Craig) who murdered them. but nooo.. (and i won't tell you who 'cause it'll be a buzzkill hehe) he was actually the victim. all through the first chapter of this movie, he only saw what he wanted to saw, his daughters and wife alive again. it's so heart breaking to see him so frustrated. and after 5 years, nobody knew that he's innocent and people always stare at him like he's the bad guy.


dasar bokap gw...

ini cuma salah satu cerita dari banyaknya kekonyolan bokap gw.
jadi begini, suatu malem gw mo berangkat kerumah sodara gw yg di depok buat ngerayain tahun baruan. terus mo keluar dari komplek, ada satu tetangga gw jalan kaki sendirian
nyokap: (buka jendela bokap dan berniat buat nyapa)

dan kirain gw bokap cuman sekedar mo nyapa, ternyata...

bokap: "kalo mo ke puncak jangan jalan kaki pak!"



welcoming 2012 :D

so this year is really interesting. i didn't celebrate actually celebrate it like i used to (which is with my friend, roast some corn and light up a few fireworks). no, instead i spend it with my big family in Depok. all of us hanging around playing bikes, fireworks, watching TV, and light conversation. i even slept at 11 pm and text my friends a happy new year right before 11. it was surely sth different, but i actually kinda liked it.
it sorta funny actually how it started. i was so busy with my assignments and stuff, and one afternoon when i had lunch with my girls, one of them asked me do i have any plans for new year's eve. and there i realized. oh my god! i haven't had the time to even think about it or asked my friends back home to organize something. but i didn't regret it at all. i mean how important it is to celebrate new year? i think we should celebrate OUR change, not some YEAR. because no matter the year is, people won't matter that, but the one that's inside of you, that's the one that will truly matter.

so enough said, happy new year and hopely happy new you :)