New Year's Eve

twice the better movie than Valentine's Day! (and i'm not exaggerating). i love that the story is very to the point, and on one night only, which is New Year's Eve. there's a sad story, romantic story, the lost of the loved ones, the welcoming of the love ones, and many else. but my favorite story is between Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer. no, they're not dating or anything, they just two people who connect in so many ways and trying to help out each other in the sweetest way. really great even to be watched for the thousand times!


learn from the unbeliavable of a man

okaaay.. gw dapet sebuah pencerahan pada pagi buta yaitu jam 5 subuh saat gw mo berangkat ke UPI untuk ngasdos (which is sangat menyita waktu weekend gw ;p but absolutely worth it). jadi, gw kan emang selalu nyalain tv pas gw bangun tidur, terus gw ganti ke salah satu saluran favorit gw. dan ternyata ada satu acara yang baru mulai dan kedua hostnya 'menyeret' (bahasa gw kasar amat ya?) seorang bapak yang buta yang menjual kerupuk.

ngeliatnya, gw langsung ngenes. sejahat itukah hidup? membuat seorang bapak yang sudah lanjut usia dan tidak bisa melihat untuk berjualan kerupuk di pinggiran jalan. kan dia bisa ketabrak dan banyak lagi marabahaya yang bakal nimpa dia. tapi alhamdulillah, setelah dua tahun (kata bapaknya) dalam berjualan, Allah SWT selalu mebimbing dia kejalan yang benar. yang paling bikin dia sangat mengesankan di mata gw adalah bahwa dia pernah menjadi speaker di sebuah acara di UI dan bertemu dengan 6 profesor! wow! bayangin aja, hanya seorang penjual kerupuk bisa menjadi speaker di universitas ternama di Indonesia! ini sangat membuktikan bahwa NEVER EVER judge people by their lot in life atau pekerjaan mereka di dunia ini. karena bapak ini, yang hanya sebuah penjual kerupuk yang buta, bisa dijadikan sebuah inspirasi oleh para profesor yang mempunyai gelar dalam hidup mereka. dan makin mengejutkannya lagi, dia adalah mualaf yang hafal dengan ayat-ayat Al-Quran. subhanallah!

soo.. please and very very please, hargai hidup kalian yang sekarang. jangan kebanyakan ngeluh cuman gara-gara uang jajan kalian telat ditransfer sama nyokap, ngeluh terus kalo ada bagian dari tubuh kalian yang ga kalian suka. inget aja, apabila kalian ada masalah, pasti ada orang diluar sana yang mempunyai masalah yang lebih berat daripada kalian. don't dwindle your problems for too long and blame the world.


19th april means..

my dad's birthday! happy birthday, my lovely father! hope you have a really good one in the forest of Palembang ;) too bad my family couldn't celebrate it today. hope we could celebrate it in another day (so i could get an amazing dinner like always haha!)
so there's only a little thing i want to say to my dad...


Apollo 18

okaay.. i don't know whether i wanted to believe this movie is actually an actual footage when NASA went to the moon for the second time (after Neil Armstrong first attempt to go there). at first this movie is kinda boring and a little hard to understand and to hear because well, it's a footage. but as time goes by, the movie gets more interesting and in the end, it'll make you jump from where you sat. from what i realize in this movie, if it's really true, Americans like to abandon their own people. haha! i mean, come on! that guy asked for help because he just saw his friends got eaten by an alien and all the DOD could say was he couldn't go back to earth and he will die a hero. so cruel! you guys should watch, but it's your decision to believe that it was a true footage or not. 'cause i can't.


almost basic diver

well.. few things i want to tell you guys form my trip to Pelabuhan Ratu last weekend for my basic diver license! i was so stoked until now :D

there, i developed a silly and i think a short (very short) crush. but i won't tell you who that is ;) moving on to the stories. it was fun, all of my friends (3 of us are seniors, and the rest of them are my juniors) and surprisingly, they are really fun to be with. i never felt any awkward moment. i felt i became closer to them which is good. the more friends the merrier.
on saturday, we spent more than 6 hours on a small boat! we dive for four times (which is actually kinda awesome), but not really awesome on the boat thing. i felt really sick and i throw up for four times (which is the same with the amount of the dive haha!) even though the view underwater wasn't as good as in Wakatobi (of course!) but i actually enjoyed it very much. because it was a new experience for me. the water was murky, the tide is crazy, we were drifted here and there, so it was challenging and i was scared a few times. so yes, it was really exciting for me. and i was so pleased with myself not being panicked with those situation. aand.. the proudest moment was when i finally get a hold of my bouyancy! yay! right now i just have to wait for my certificate.

by the way, digging the OCTOPUS house. inspiration for my future house ;)