Photography group

we are the coolest group in ISWI 2011. haha! we're adventurous (we actually hike to Kickelhahn to get some landscape pictures), we like to eat (everyday we had 2 or 3 packs of cookies), and we're good looking. okay, i'm joking for the last part. or not? ;p
the photography group includes :
Stefi and Patricia as our amazing group leader with bright orange t's
Mystic Marwa from Egypt
Mmmm.. Marija from Serbia
Lucky Lily from Bulgaria
Lovely Lucas from Germany (was a group leader in ISWI 2009)
Tremendous Tomo from Croatia
Bubbly Barbi from The Phillipine
Big M, Kuat, Jamila, Kira and Katea, Vit, Viktoria and of course, meee! :D
miss them a lot!

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