i am over the moon up until now! i felt so blessed. all of my disappointment, all of the tears of regrets, and all this weight that i feel like having for months has gone and lifted out of my shoulders. i know i know.. the euphoria will end as soon as my graduation day because i have to worry about other things. job and in my case, finding scholarships for (hopefully) my abroad master degree plan.
but i don't want to get ahead of myself, so in this post i just want to thank all of my friends, my smart friends for that specific, who helped me with my struggle to understand the concept oceanography and helped me learned about ArcGis and Surfer. thank you for my best girlfriends (13 of them) for making me sane and by being my go to girls if i needed to talk or whine about my skripsi. thank you for IVR for lending me your laptop when i needed it the most, for listening and giving all your encouragement words when i was down and lazy (that will be a lot of time ;p), and basically for being beside me from the very beginning until the end (yes, i forgive you for not coming to my last skripsi defense). and finally thank you for my parents for your prayer and your faith in me. i'm so sorry it took me so long to get my bachelor degree.
for all of my friend who still struggle with their skripsi, i will support you all the way, and to not give up :)