almost 'Indonesian' food

one fine evening, we (indonesian delegates) decided to made some indonesian food in Raja and Mia's host house. before cooking, of course we have to buy some ingredients. i forgot how, but we split up. me, Zeva, Inay and some other guys didn't know where Liedl (am i writing it right?) is. so we have to walked a bit far to find it. but we actually didn't mind 'cause we took some pictures (of course ;p) along the way and the sky was gorgeous! it was a really good weather. once we find Liedl and the rest of them, we split up again 'cause the house wasn't that big. so some of us went to the open air concert (me) and some of us cooked.

 what we didn't know, that the house was soooooooo far away! it was like from a station to another station! maybe we walked for a mile? i don't know. and the room was on the top floor so we had to climb on a thousand stairs ('cause unfortunately there were no elevator). and when we got to the room, there were nasi goreng and bakwan jagung. i looked so yummy! but when i tasted it.. tet tot! it was weird! the nasi goreng didn't have much flavor. i could only taste garlic and salt, and the bakwan jagung were really salty. but aside of that, we ate all of them. maybe 'cause we were really hungry after the walking and climbing to get to the apartment. haha! but actually it didn't matter whether the food taste bad or the apartment was so far away, the only thing that matter is we were all there that night. eating, talking, laughing together. :)

and surprisingly, those two boys volunteered for washing all the dishes. :D

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