The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of The Dawn Treader


i loove.. how Ben Barnes is more handsome than ever in this movie. haha! Skandar Keynes too. him and Lucy are older. they're acting is better than the other Narnia's movie. although in this movie, Lucy didn't like the way she looks (she preferred Susan's face), but i think she's pretty in here.  by the way, don't you hate their cousin, Eustace? he is so frustrating to be with. when he become a dragon, i was happy. haha! deserve him well, eh? but after a while in this movie, he became nice. 
this movie has an incredible digital effect too. i believe it was a joy making this movie.


caranya nyembunyiin capek

sebelom mubes mulai :

jam 5an :

 jam 10an :

jam 1an :

jam 3an :

yep! and we were still laughing! haha! gw ga ngerti kenapa. apa karena kita kebanyakan energi (padahal sedikit banget dari kita yang minum kopi) ato cuman narsis kalo ngeliat kamera, kita kayaknya ga ada capeknya ngejalanin ni mubes padahal baru selesainya jam 5 pagi! dan jugaa.. pas AD/ART gw ga ngerti jadinya gw bosen. hehe,
at last.. pas jam 4 ato ga setengah 5an, semuanya (kecuali senior2), pada tepar! haha! padahal sih ga boleh tidur di ruang sidang. tapi karena mungkin mata kita udh ga bisa diajak kompromi, yasudahlah tidur dengan nyenyak dengan berbagai gaya. and the worst part, itu berlanjut lagi jam 3 sore sampe jam 11 malem. jadi kita sebelom ngelanjutin balik ke kosan masing2, istirahat. gw tidur dari jam 5 sampe setengah 2! haha! tapi mubes lanjutannya seru kok. :)


pattern pattern and.. check

time to sleep

3 days ago, i had a very loong.. meeting for OSEANIK. it wasn't boring, 'cause even the clock point to 1, we're still laughing and joking (i don't know how. haha!)
buut.. what i didn't like is, that i don't have time to sleep. well, i did rest my eyes. but it's only for a few minutes. i didn't sleep for 24 hours! my eyes are really sore! maybe it was okay for other people, but it is not okay with me. 'cause losing sleep is not good for our health. you get drowsy, maybe a headache or even a fever. losing sleep is not an option. i suggest you guys to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours. but if you have something important like the one i mentioned (like meeting), at least you sleep for 6 hours. if less than that, your brain and body won't work at a maximum capability. so pleasee.. especially for the boys, sleep well. and guys, working on assignment until the middle of the night is not an excuse. 'cause it was your own fault. if you got an assignment (especially if it's many), you have to do it as soon as you can. treat your body good. if you don't, they will treat (bad) you back.


projecting light

i'm still learning. i was behind the lens. i'm still trying to project something more creative than this. like holding an umbrella, wearing a fedora, etc. well, stay tuned if you want to see my other projection. :D


no good

my life is a mess! i don't eat well, i don't exercise so often, my body gone flabby in so many places, and the worst! i spend my saturday night working my assignments with my friends! aaaaah! :(

a photographer quote

"don't brag your SLR, master them.
and if you've done it, then you can start bragging."


look of the week (this is what i wore to class)

topshop grey crop top, dad's old green tank
suedehead shoes
mom's fade grey jeans

Eat, Pray, Love

this movie really touches my heart. the languages a little bit hard to understand, but i know what it meant. the view was lovely especially in Bali. they captured it so brilliant, making Indonesia looked very nice. haha! i learned a lot about love. how to deal with it after you got a broken heart, how to deal with life when it's bringing you down to your knee. everything about this movie is touching and inspiring. you'll see so many different and unique cultures, funny accents, and Christine Hakim. yep! i don't know how she got that role, but she was brilliant. her English is so good.

Step Up 3

it is MIND BLOWING! haha! it was sooo... entertaining to watch. when i hear the music and watched them move, i just want to get along and dance with them. it was kinda magical. the movie is the best from all the dance movie i have ever watched. they're so energetic and they're believable. by the way, i spot new cute guy, the leading actor (i forgot his real name). oh yeah! i love the 'robot' guy in here. i think he really dedicated his life to be a robot. haha! in all of their routine, he literally dance like his bone is made from steel. it was just crazy! and plus, he's handsome even though he always wear glasses.

my dinner last night

spicy lumpia basah and two slice of small pizza. yum!


today is..

yees.. this is our time. being in Marine Science major, i wanted to ask you guys to treat this earth especially the ocean good. just start from the very simple stuff, like don't litter on the beach or street. because sometimes those garbage ended up in the river that will go to the sea. you don't want to see lots of garbage in the beach right? so act now!



it was good. not the best. what i love about this movie, that it got the complete package. there's the science fiction, the action (all the weapons are really cool especially the samurai that the yakuza held), the humor, and Adrian Brody. haha! he is sooo.. handsome eventhough he looked older than usual. well, times goes by, but he still handsome for me. i heard there will be another movie with the same title, played by Hugh Jackman. a little bit boring to hear, but since it'll be played by him, i think it's worth the wait.

getting used to it

i blame the weather!

it's been raining constantly these days. the weather became friggin' cold! :(
suddenly i miss the weather back home where i could sweat all day and having the vitamin D from the sun soaking up to my skin.


Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi

gw kesana karena ada fieldtrip oskim sama hlk. nope! ini bukan hanya sekedar liburan. gila aja gw liburan mulu tanpa mikirin kuliah. pertama, gw kira fieldtripnya akan membosankan, buut.. i was wrong. ternyata sangat menghibur! haha! why? karena gw dan temen2 cewek gw berhasil mendandani 2 org cowok (sebenernya sih 3, tapi yang pertama gw ga ikutan). haha! they look so beautiful! sayangnya gw ga bisa nampilin foto2nya karena kita udh sepakat kalo kejadian 'dandan' tersebut bukan untuk konsumsi publik. kecualii.. kalo mereka bandel sama kita cewek2, langsung di upload! haha! (memang, kita sedikit tidak berperasaan. ;p)
oya, pas dijalan pulang, bisnya rusak doong. dan kita harus nunggu kurang lebih sejam buat bis yang baru dateng biar kita bisa pulang dgn tenang. soalnya tuh bis katanya kalo dipaksa takut kecelakaan. so pasti lah kita mikirin nyawa daripada pulang buru2. parahnya lagi, pas gw nyampe gerbang unpad, ga ada ojek doong! yang biasanya ojek bejibun nanyain gw mo naik apa kagak, sekarang krik krik banget. terpaksa gw jalan kaki ke kosan gw lewat jalan horor. udh mana dingin banget lagi! alhamdulillah gw sampe dgn selamat dan kaki pegel2 (gara2 jalan cepet. hehe,)

Easy A

this movie tells us NOT to lie. because a little white lie could turn into a big fat lie, just like Olive (played by Emma Stone) did. so tell the truth. if you're in high school and you wanted to blend in with the cool kids, just be yourself. don't make up stories that aren't real. instead of making up stories, do what you can do best. by the way, Amanda Bynes is fatter in this movie. i don't really like it. she looks a little too chubby. loving Alison Michalka's act. she's a natural. she looks too tan though. over all, this movie is pretty funny, but not so good.


new snacks! :d

one night, i was soo.. hungry but i wasn't in the mood for a take-out, so i look around my room looking for something to eat. then, i saw this box. i thought it was an oatmeal or something. i was wrong! it was the most delicious snack i ever tasted! (maybe i was a bit too much at that time cause i was starving), but it really is. it was soo.. delicious especially for y'all cheese lover. it's like a cheese cracker, but harder to bite, and smaller. i couldnt' get enough of it. it was already empty by now. it was actually my sisters. haha! (sorry sis)


meeting the right guy

okaay.. i'm in my swinging mood. again. haha! cause i have problems with my bf. i wanted to ask you guys. how do you guys know when you meet the right guy? cause after all this times i dated guys, i can't tell. they're not perfect (of course), but i still can't even tell. i always ended up blaming myself choosing the wrong guy to date. i never date a guy for a year! and i think that's bad. moreover, when i look at my friends who got long term relationships, i thought, there is something wrong with me! why can't i do that too? is it the guy? or is it me? do i have a commitment problem? to make me feel good about myself, i'm starting to think that i HAVEN'T found someone good for myself. being in a relationship should be about feeling good, happy and being yourself. and if a relationship doesn't make you all three of them, maybe you should work it or not meant to be.


The Human Centipede

it was gross. and i really hate the doctor! his face is really mean, he's totally a psycho, he's really proud to make that human centipede. he IS sick! i feel sorry for the girl in the middle of that centipede. not only she has to eat the japanese boy shit, but also, in the end, she was the one who was alive! but she couldn't do anything cause she's stuck between her friend and that japanese guy. i'd rather die if i was in her position.

The Social Network

i can't fully understand the movie cause Jesse Eisenberg talks really really fast in this movie i can barely keep up with him! and i think the story is too short for a real story based movie. the very first sequence was already him and friends making this big idea about hacking harvard's system. i have to roll my brain to figure how he got there. so i figured, that he is genius. simple as that. haha! by the way, i spot a new cute actor named Andrew Garfield. he's playing as the CFO for Facebook and Mark's best friend who got betrayed. it was nice to know how hard to build a social network as successful as Facebook. he even have to see a lawyer cause he was accused  stealing an idea from his fellow harvard undergrads.


Makassar dan Pulau Pajenekang

haiyaaa! akhirnya gw menginjak pulau sulawesi tepatnya di Makassar! kesan pertama gw disana : beuh! gerah gila! well, mungkin karena gw ga kebiasaan sama hawa panas soalnya dirumah aja kipas angin dua ga mempan buat gw. hehe, gw kesana ikutan acara HIMITEKINDO. yang ga tau itu apaan, itu adalah himpunan mahasiswa ilmu dan teknologi kelautan indonesia. yep! we exist! ;p

by the waay.. i'm having a blast there. walaupun gw harus meninggalkan hiruk pikuk kuliah selama kurang lebih seminggu. yaa.. tapi kapan lagi coba ke makassar? acaranya tuh termasuk seminar, transplantasi terumbu karang di pualu pajenekang daaan.. the most interesting part : FUN DIVE! otomatis coooy.. dive pertama gw (di laut) jatuh di makassar. gw seneng banget! walaupun view di dalam ga bagus2 banget, tapi gw seneng banget karena akhirnya gw nyoba diving di laut tanpa ada kecelakaan dan kepanikan tidak jelas. well, gw dive 12 meter selama kurang lebih 20 menit. 

banyak juga kejadian lucu dan memorable disana. i won't lie. si nadya jadi dipanggil ubi gatau kenapa, gw juga jadi dipanggil bintang gara2 gombalan bang aci sama bang buntel. temen gw yg namanya komenk ketemu cewek cakep. ada lagi yang kita kira cinlok padahal udh deket dari jaman jebot. gw sama temen2 gw nyoba daging bulu babi yang rasanya kayak kerang, tapi asin banget! menurut gw sih yg bilang enak boong. soalnya cuman cukup nyoba sekali aja. ga juga ya buat digadoin kayak kacang rebus.

ngomong2, dari tadi kayaknya gw nyeritain yang seru2nya aja nih. well, ada cerita yg cukup ga mengenakan nih. gw ketusuk bulu babi! (ga terlalu ga mengenakan juga siih.. tapi tetep aja beda cerita kalo gw sama sekali ga kena. ya toh?) daaan.. kamar mandinya bikin sakit ati! (di pulau) harus nimba dan ga bisa dikunci DAN harus lewatin org nyuci piring ato masak yg lantainya gatau bekas apaan. kayaknya disini gw kedengeran manja bgt, but i can't help it! it's gross!
 over all.. gw pokoknya seneng gw dapet libur colongan dari kuliah yang bikin penat. :)


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1

wooohoo! at last.. the most anticipated movie of all time is here! and i watched it just yesterday! i hate it! i really hate it! well, i'm kidding. i just hate the ending. it was soo good until it was over! urgh! i know it was a great decision to split the book into two, but now, when i saw the first part, i'm craving for the second part! and i have to wait for it for a long time since it'll be release June or July 2011! oh no! i'm not that patient. haha!
by the way, i love that in this movie, there's a strong chemistry between Ron and Hermione. i don't like when they cut some of the stories in the book, though. and some of the parts, they changed it! i kept complaining the whole movie to my friends while i watched it. haha! but it was so worth the wait despite it has flaws. i just can't barely wait for the second part! oh dear time.. please be hurry to past.


for all single girls out there

gw bikin nih posting bukan berarti gw single. nope! i have a boyfriend. tapi... i dedicated this post for all the single girls out there. satu hari, pas gw lagi jalan bareng temen2 gw (include cowok gw), temen gw yang belum pernah pacaran seumur hidupnya (yep! masih ada org yang kayak gitu. saluut!), mukanya langsung berubah mupeng. dan setelah gw misah dari yang lainnya dan menuju ke kosan dia, gw, dia dan beberapa temen gw yang lain mulai gosip ga karuan.
tiba2, pas lagi ngomongin gebetannya, dia nangis! kita semua pada bingung. katanya dia sedih banget karena ga ada yang suka sama dia. trus, parahnya lagi, dia nyalahin diri sendiri! woooo.. gw sama temen2 yang lain langsung nyetopin dia. girls, jodoh itu semuanya ada di tangan Allah SWT.  dan ga mungkin! i repeat.. ga mungkin! ga ada yang ga suka sama lo. pasti ada! kita semua tuh cantik, mau dari luar ataupun dalam. cantik itu relatif. ga semua cowok sama, ga semuanya ngeliat dari fisik. masih ada kok cowok yang ngeliat lo apa adanya. who knows, mungkin seseorang selama ini merhatiin lo, suka lo diem2? you just have to be open to it. kalo gebetan lo ga suka sama lo (walaupun lo udh berusaha segigih mungkin), maybe it isn't meant to be.
lagipula, being single itu ga berarti lo 'sendirian' kok. trust me, kalo lo udh pernah pacaran, pasti ada saatnya lo kangen pada waktu 'single' lo itu. ada temen2 lo kok yang selalu ngebantu lo, cheer up lo. you just have to believe there IS someone out there for you. :)

The Collector

 i felt terrible for Josh Stewart here. he didn't make it alive! (yeah, it means this movie doesn't have a happy ending. usually i love that kind of movie, but not for this one. the killer was so horrible, i didn't get to see his face, and the worst, he is really clever and strong. my heart never stop beating sooo.. fast during this movie. like, this movie actually didn't let my heart slow down for just a moment. luckily i watched it in the afternoon although i did watched this movie alone. haha! it is a definitely must watch movie for all of you who love thriller movies. two thumbs up for the chill!