skinny boys

 no.. i won't talk about boys whose skinny. but i will talk about skinny jeans on boys. first of all, and correct me if i'm wrong. skinny jeans are intended for girls. to.. i don't know. flaunt their legs? but one day the skinny jeans euphoria got out, the next day the guys wore it too! it's not that i'm racist, i like guys who actually care what they wear on their body before they get out of the door. but my point here is that skinny jeans are not intended for all type of guys. are you with me til now? for example, these two pictures that i took in Singapore. these guys has a pretty skinny and long legs. so skinny jeans are good for them especially paired it with combat boots like the one on the left.
so here are some tips for you guys if you feel like wearing skinny jeans and you don't actually have these guys type of legs. don't wear or even buy skinny jeans that hugs your thigh too much. let's just say you need to buy one size larger than you used to buy. and wear jeans like the right picture one. do not wear a cuffed ankle 'cause it will make it more skinny. and the last tips, pleaseee do not buy a low waist skinny jeans.