see you later!

every story has its ending. soo.. the day unfortunately came, the closing ceremony.

the closing ceremony was sooo.. fun! we sing along 'Imagine' song, and we dance a funny number made by (i forgot which group. hehe,) it was a perfect occasion in the perfect evening. well, not all actually because my group, the photography group presentation wasn't good. god! it was a disaster! we were put all our best pictures and they present it with lack of color and everything was cropped up. even though we kinda pissed about it, but we made it up by putting the actual video on Facebook so everybody could see it.

the last night we were together, what else we would do besides taking pictures? haha! it was fun, no melancholy feeling between us, just hugs and laughs. i wish i could see them again someday. amiin! :)
"see you later doesn't mean goodbye"

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