the 'gang'

as you can see from the sketch.. the group included:
chyka, my Indian friend (and fortunately here, Flores girl) from marine science
efa, the coolest one in the group and my long time friend from marine science
icha, the teeny tiniest one, from math
uwi, the 'slash' girl ('cause of her big hair which looks exactly like slash himself) from math
putri, the splitting image of my twin sister, from dentistry
fika, the most mature girl in the group, from nursing
milda, the girl who got an 'interesting' taste of snack, from dentistry
kiki, whom we called 'toa masjid' ('cause her loud voice), from dentistry
alin, which i'm longing to bite, from dentistry
seno, my long time crazy best friend and lover, from geology
sansan, whom we called 'gorilla' because of his form? (kinda don't know), from geology
anes, our fearless yet 'defect' leader, from communication
ipay, our very own rapper with a very huge body, from communication
asep, the ghost one ('cause he always disappearing), from nursery


farewell campus

say goodbye to campus life, and say helloooooo... to village life!