Frankfurt am Main

 i don't have self pictures in this city (and i regret it sooo much). but what could i do? i was alone. by the way, i wanted to shop 'til i drop here 'cause there was so many stores here but i didn't want to spend all my euro money so i was only buying a few things for my sisters. i regret that too. damn it!
PS : if you want to go to Frankfurt am Main from Frankfurt Flughaffen, you have to see the S sign on the station. it means all trains that only goes around the city, not out the city or different countries in Europe. if you asked someone, beware. at first they will look like a really nice guy helping you to read the train schedule (it's in Germany and a little confusing to read) and everything, but in the end they will ask you for money. well, it's not a  problem 'cause if you say no, they won't do anything to you. so no worries. but if you want, just give them 1 euro. and also, don't hesitate to ask someone. because the train station is huge! you will get lost unless you could speak Germany.

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