a little intermezzo

jauh2 di bandara Oslo, tapi mental tetep Indonesia. ngempeeeeerrr....

must visit: Junibacken

outside, my nose and the tip of my fingers are frozen. but here, my heart melts and i have butterfly in my stomach. such an amazing feeling. seeing all those chubby and red cheeks kids makes me feel like i'm in heaven. well unless heaven cost you 125 SEK ;p
this place makes me wanna be a kid again. not thinking about anything else besides fun. sometimes i feel like growing up makes you happiness fade day by day. i know it sounded terrible, maybe because i'm not in such a good mood while writing this. if anything is possible in this world (and of course there must be a time machine involve), i really really wanna be a child again. just for one day. one amazing day. won't you?
terribly miss your childhood? you come to the right place. Junibacken will heal it.


skipping time

Skype chill out! too bad it was only the four of us. but Skype-ing from Vietnam, Guyana and Russia to Indonesia still felt awesome! love you guys :D


in love with Stockholm

Stockholm stole my heart in an instant. from my research on the internet, it thought it will be a boring trip. but i know i was wrong the moment i stepped on the train to this city. the train from Storlien to Sunsvaald is beyond scary! there's nobody there except me and Gaby and this local girl. and we didn't go for about 30 minutes. so for that 30 minutes i had a bad feeling that we were in a thriller movie, and some minutes now a guy with an axe on his arm will come straight to us. and indeed he came (but not with an axe though). he was such a nightmare! he wasn't friendly at all to us (an asian tourist), but he super duper friendly when it comes to locals. so i think he was a bit racist sorry to say. he kept bothering us to get off in Sunsvaald because we didn't have a reservation for any of the seat. but we DO have a ticket! duh! 
anyhow.. when we arrive in Stockholm, it's not that hard at all to find our way in Gamla Stan streets. because the name of the streets are marked in all of their building. so it was really helpful. i love love the pavements and all the little alleys. it makes you feel like you're in a 70's european movie. 
we stayed a night in Old Town Hostel. so a little bit of review for this hostel. i like the architecture, white cave and a bit like a fortress. the kitchen is big and there's every equipment you need to cook. the bathroom a little scary, there's no heater in your room so it will get cold (especially in winter). but this is Gaby and my favorite part about this hotel. the blanket is so warm i felt like there's a heater inside of it! haha! oh i almost forgot! you have to rent the bed linens for 50 SEK. and the place is near from many gift shops. just take a map from where you are staying, and explore Stockholm!
take me back to Stockholm please!