must watch!

 this movie makes me want to join an acapella group and be a nerd. haha! this movie is surprisingly hilarious (but most of it because Rebel makes it funny). i just love that Fat Amy is really confident with herself and she is funny as hell! Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow has an amazing voice! like it said in the title, must watch! i've been watching this movie for 3 times in 2 days! yeah, i can say that i'm a little addicted ;)

have you read the book? because i haven't but i think the book is as awesome as this movie. usually books are better than the movies, but i think this movie nailed it. Charlie has a pure and innocent heart despite his horrible past, Sam and Patrick is just genuinely great friends, always know how to have fun. and Emma Watson is surprisingly could get rid of her British accent. bravo for her! and she is just simply stunning in short hair. makes me want to cut my hair just like her and dress like her. just your typical high school story plot, but i don't know why, i was really mesmerize with this movie.


snorkeling with the king

the best day of my internship. period. to swim so close with those amazing creatures. my heart almost stopped. take me with you please..


choose to be sustainable

tahun kemaren gw berkesempatan ikutan seminar yang diadain sama humas fikom. menurut gw seminarnya sangat menarik, didatengin sama orang Indonesia Travel, Traveller Kaskus, National Geographic Traveler dan mba Marischka Prudence. what caught my attention the most adalah pas mba vega (dari NatGeo Traveler) bahas tentang sustainable traveler. dan gw ingin berbagi kepada anda2 yang senang travelling like i do. here is the list how to be a sustainable traveler:
- pack lightly. ga usah bawa baju terlalu banyak (lagipula siapa tau di destinasi yang lo pinginin ada baju lucu dan bisa langsung lo pake ;p)
- kalo mau travel manja, mending pake bantuan travel agent. trust me, they knows best
- usahakan bawa tumblr (tempat minum) sendiri. so that way lo ga perlu beli aqua botol
- save energy. this is really really important. keluar dari hotel matiin semua elektronik dan listrik, dan pilih gadget untuk lo bawa jalan2 yang hemat energi. jangan kayak bb yang tiap hari harus di charger
- choose local food! :)
- jangan beli/ makan produk yang berasal dari endangered species!! (tak jitak kalo lo ngelakuin itu)
- coba jalan2 sebagai volunteer. traveling dengan niatan baik. genius!
- sekali2 pilih jalan2 ke historical site. karena kalau banyak turis, pemasukan mereka bertambah banyak untuk mantain dan up keep historical site tersebut
- beramah tamahlah dengan orang lokal
- kalo ke pedalaman dan bertemu orang asli sana, pakai pakaian yang sopan

soo.. happy holiday guys! remember yang gw tulis diatas ya :)


2013. it will be great

it's that time again! the time where another eventful year has passed, and it's time for us to struggle for hopefully another great year. 2012 has been really good to me. i've got many opportunity that i think for a million years i wouldn't get. that's why life is worth living. there are so many surprises for us out there. who knows what you're getting into? and i'm really looking forward to this year. especially going to Norway next February. for this new year resolution, i don't want to make a list anymore. i just want to juggle it on my head, and always keep all options open for mid year resolution ;p but the most wanted wish that i have in my mind right now is: graduated. doesn't matter if it's gonna be in December, but i want to graduate this year and hopefully searching for my Master's degree outside Indonesia the next year. i know this year is gonna be challenging for me, but hey, that's what i want for my life. a little bit of challenge :)