basic diver

finally.. i'm a basic diver!! yay! and i already got my certificate last night. although i didn't get the highest score, i'm still proud of myself because i'm getting better in my bouyancy. haha! although the underwater view wasn't so mesmerizing, but i love the drift dive (getting carried away by the current). last night my instructor told me that we couldn't stop here because Indonesia need us and there's only 10% of Indonesian diver! so shocked and so proud because that means that 10% is including me ;) so fellow Indonesian, let's explore our underwater world because being underwater is like being in a sci-fi movie. believe me. besides, isn't it such a waste that we have this gorgeous underwater that other people from foreign country would kill to dive here but we as Indonesian didn't have even a curiosity to?
so that's it from me. happy diving :D