last year's MantaWatch internship photos: part 2

view from Rinca Island boat deck
accepting certificate on the last day of internship :')
usual drill before getting in the water
new friends :)


last year's MantaWatch internship photos: part 1

i just missed those moments so much i just have to post some pictures of my internship with MantaWatch. some maybe you never seen before ;) and kinda bit of a spoiler alert for the new interns (congratulation by the way).
front deck of Dive Komodo boat
our cray schedule! complete with manta drawings :)
the horrible road Ichsan and I have to go trough to Sano Nggoang Lake
your everyday view. GORGEOUS!
two great mentor: Andy and Laura!
off the water: paper works
first of my adventure in Komodo Island
had to stay in one of those 'hut' for a night @Kanawa Island Resort



i got a great SLR. i got a great mentor, and yes, in this case it's my dad. i always got a great opportunity to take gorgeous pictures in all of this gorgeous places. but somehow my passion for landscape and nature photography is fading. i know it's actually not a great deal because hey! people always do that. on their way to find their passion, they will leave and found new ones. and maybe this is one of mine. i just kinda feel disappointed with myself. or maybe just i don't want to disappoint my father for giving me an incredible SLR and now.. a tripod also. but then i thought, i could use it for a different purpose. i mean i have a blog. i like to share my stories with lots of pictures on it, so why don't i use it for that? 
but then again, because i love fashion, especially on the street, i started to think about street style photography like Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman. i don't know, maybe it's just a temporary thought. but then again, look at the first picture above that i took three years ago. it was my pride (well because lots of people like it on Flickr). it was such a beautiful shot and i didn't work that hard to capture it. i guess when my mind is on the right place, i could produce something like this more often. the question is, when will my mind will be in the exact right place again? 
i think the problem is that i asked myself too many questions that i couldn't answer by myself. so what i have to do now is just let it all sunk in, just use the SLR whenever and wherever i want it, and who knows? maybe i'll find other passion along the way.

cutest email

look what i found on my email just a few days ago. too bad i didn't do the fasting due to a completely annoying virus that inhibit my body :( by the way, he'll come home in a few days from Kalimantan, so i'm excited!


The Lone Ranger

before i said anything about this movie, i gotta say that this year and maybe the next year will have some great movies that people will be curious enough to see. and for me, as a movie addict (well a little to say the least), am very excited to wait what comes next in the blockbuster, including Insidious 2 (hello? one of the most scary movie of all time has a sequel?). 
okay, back to this movie. of course i will be expecting that this will be an action-comedy movie because there's Johnny Depp. although i would love to see more on the ending, such as Tonto will be accepted again by his tribe. but i love love love the theme = wild wild west. and because of this movie, i found my new interest: Indian people, native American culture.


Goa Jomblang

jarang-jarang nih keluarga gw bisa adventure bareng kayak gini. walaupun trip kita yang sekarang kurang Dinda sama Dunda, tapi gw seneng banget. bisa jalan-jalan ke goa ini juga karena Dira di wisuda, jadi kita ke Jogja.
kalo mau ke Goa Jomblang, mari menuju Wonosari. kalo kurang paham, bisa tanya2 CPnya. waktu itu keluarga gw langsung di guide (melalui hp) sama Mas Cahyo (yep, Cahyo Alkantana, yang ngelola Goa Jomblangnya) langsung. walaupun harganya mahal gila (450rb per orang), tapi menurut gw itu worth it. dan kalo lo udah kesana dan liat tempatnya, pasti bakal ngerti kok dengan harga segitu up keep tempat dan pekerjanya pasti maksimal. jadi pertama2 kita diturunin kebawah sedalem 60 m, dan yang banyak taneman2 itu lah Goa Jomblangnya. ray of light yang terkenal itu justru berada di Goa Grubuk. goa ini kedalamannya mencapai 90 m dan cahayanya bagus bangeeet! apalagi buat foto2 ;p di dalem goa itu juga ada Batu Godam yang terbentuk karena tetesan air yang terus menerus dari atas. struktur batunya pun jadi unik. bisa foto diatas batu itu tapi harus copot sepatu dan ga boleh banyak2 yang naik biar struktur batunya kejaga kealamiannya.


close up

thanks for the great shot Teo ;)

saving sharks fun facts

okay, so maybe some of you don't know that i love love love watching underwater documentary on NatGeo or Animal Planet or Discovery Channel. so this month is my favorite because this month is all about saving sharks month! so they all got everything about sharks. so i gather up some fun facts about great white sharks yesterday:
1. they will grow a new set of teeth every 20 days
2. they will lose about 30.000 tooth in their lives! (creepy if you think human does that too)
3. they could risen their body temperature from their surroundings so they could hunt in a very cold temperature water
4. they swim so quite, maybe on one dive or swim, they could be behind us and we didn't even know. i got goosebumps just thinking about it!

so there you have it! enjoy sharks month! just maybe take care of yourself when handling great white sharks. well.. if you ever encounter with them that is ;)



sorry that this post is a bit gloomy. i just have to get it out of my sistem.

have you had any regrets in your life? some people says don't have any regrets while you're still young. it's going to be a hilarious story when you look back to that particular moment. don't get me wrong, i totally agree to that. but that will be in the future. but for now, it's like your in hell and you can't get out.

maybe i have to tell you why i regret my decision. i regret changing my research place because some of my friends told me how amazing those place was. i regret believing that one particular NGO could help me with my research (fast). it seems those kind of regrets swirling around my head like a stubborn mosquito. what can i do to make it go away? well.. i have to live with it, my own decisions. i can't keep blaming everybody, and i can't keep blaming myself. it's just so damn hard to do. every time i went to campus and my friends already prepping for their graduation, i envy them. i always felt like screaming on top of my lungs. i thought all of those thoughts will be gone in a couple of days. but hey, they're still here. it's been a month now. and the worst thing, my laziness just make it worst.

and now i don't have anything to do until the end of September. well nothing too important for my future that is.