cropped up

dad's choco belt
ISWI 2011 bracelet, metal bracelet (nepal), others from indonesia
H & M dusty pink crop top, pasar senen jeans and bag

Pantai Cigandang, Banten

Frankfurt am Main

 i don't have self pictures in this city (and i regret it sooo much). but what could i do? i was alone. by the way, i wanted to shop 'til i drop here 'cause there was so many stores here but i didn't want to spend all my euro money so i was only buying a few things for my sisters. i regret that too. damn it!
PS : if you want to go to Frankfurt am Main from Frankfurt Flughaffen, you have to see the S sign on the station. it means all trains that only goes around the city, not out the city or different countries in Europe. if you asked someone, beware. at first they will look like a really nice guy helping you to read the train schedule (it's in Germany and a little confusing to read) and everything, but in the end they will ask you for money. well, it's not a  problem 'cause if you say no, they won't do anything to you. so no worries. but if you want, just give them 1 euro. and also, don't hesitate to ask someone. because the train station is huge! you will get lost unless you could speak Germany.


see you later!

every story has its ending. soo.. the day unfortunately came, the closing ceremony.

the closing ceremony was sooo.. fun! we sing along 'Imagine' song, and we dance a funny number made by (i forgot which group. hehe,) it was a perfect occasion in the perfect evening. well, not all actually because my group, the photography group presentation wasn't good. god! it was a disaster! we were put all our best pictures and they present it with lack of color and everything was cropped up. even though we kinda pissed about it, but we made it up by putting the actual video on Facebook so everybody could see it.

the last night we were together, what else we would do besides taking pictures? haha! it was fun, no melancholy feeling between us, just hugs and laughs. i wish i could see them again someday. amiin! :)
"see you later doesn't mean goodbye"



us and Weimar

at the Thuringen experience day, i chose Weimar city (recommended by my hosts too). the city was beautiful and so were the weather. it wasn't as cold as when i arrived in Ilmenau. but the tour (with a non-English spoken guide tour), i'm sorry to say, it was a little bit boring. maybe because literature wasn't my thing. but i really love Goethe summer house. it has a gorgeous garden and i took lots of pictures there. the buildings were old and beautiful. and i got two ethnic books from the local stand. she sold many ethnic things including scarf, bags, etc. but those two books caught my attention immediately because it has leather cover with elephant and camel in it, tied up with some rope. and she was really nice. i got them for 20 euros that was actually 15 euros each. :) 
oh! by the way, there were so many books in here (i'm addicted to books) and i really wanted to buy them. unfortunately they were all in Germany. too bad.


almost 'Indonesian' food

one fine evening, we (indonesian delegates) decided to made some indonesian food in Raja and Mia's host house. before cooking, of course we have to buy some ingredients. i forgot how, but we split up. me, Zeva, Inay and some other guys didn't know where Liedl (am i writing it right?) is. so we have to walked a bit far to find it. but we actually didn't mind 'cause we took some pictures (of course ;p) along the way and the sky was gorgeous! it was a really good weather. once we find Liedl and the rest of them, we split up again 'cause the house wasn't that big. so some of us went to the open air concert (me) and some of us cooked.

 what we didn't know, that the house was soooooooo far away! it was like from a station to another station! maybe we walked for a mile? i don't know. and the room was on the top floor so we had to climb on a thousand stairs ('cause unfortunately there were no elevator). and when we got to the room, there were nasi goreng and bakwan jagung. i looked so yummy! but when i tasted it.. tet tot! it was weird! the nasi goreng didn't have much flavor. i could only taste garlic and salt, and the bakwan jagung were really salty. but aside of that, we ate all of them. maybe 'cause we were really hungry after the walking and climbing to get to the apartment. haha! but actually it didn't matter whether the food taste bad or the apartment was so far away, the only thing that matter is we were all there that night. eating, talking, laughing together. :)

and surprisingly, those two boys volunteered for washing all the dishes. :D

crossing bo(a)rders

so here are the pictures of the events. i don't have anything else to say than "i had so much fun!" :D
PS : got a new rules of playing UNO from Vinicius. he's from Brazil (and i think that's where the word UNO is from. haha!)


Battle : Los Angeles

this movie is so cool!!! hell, it's cooler than Transformers (i'm dead serious guys!) i thought this movie gonna be like any other invasion movie, but nooooo.. i will say it one more time, THIS MOVIE IS SO COOL! haha! although it's heartbreaking to see almost all the Marines are dead. i could actually relate to their feelings (maybe because they acted really good), losing a friend that already got so close. not only they focused on the battle, but to the trust for each other, their loyalty to their Sergeant. it was so touching. by the way, Ne-yo played in this movie and like any other movies he's been participating, he's never disappointing. you guys MUST watch this movie!

Photography group

we are the coolest group in ISWI 2011. haha! we're adventurous (we actually hike to Kickelhahn to get some landscape pictures), we like to eat (everyday we had 2 or 3 packs of cookies), and we're good looking. okay, i'm joking for the last part. or not? ;p
the photography group includes :
Stefi and Patricia as our amazing group leader with bright orange t's
Mystic Marwa from Egypt
Mmmm.. Marija from Serbia
Lucky Lily from Bulgaria
Lovely Lucas from Germany (was a group leader in ISWI 2009)
Tremendous Tomo from Croatia
Bubbly Barbi from The Phillipine
Big M, Kuat, Jamila, Kira and Katea, Vit, Viktoria and of course, meee! :D
miss them a lot!


few buzz of my life right now

ga ada semangat buat pekan UAS kali ini
mikir kapan bakal nyopot gelang ISWI
sariawan satu ilang, yang lain berdatangan
mikirin idup satu bulan di wakatobi (kalo jadi)
ngurus cerita ISWI di blog ga ada abisnya
in desperate need of 'me time'


big international event, small city

it was 10:30 in the morning with 8 degrees of temperature and i wore the west borneo traditional costumes with only short sleeves and sandal! i couldn't feel my hand, hell! we were all felt that. haha! when we practiced saman dance, our hand were so cold that every time we clapped it together, it hurts! but it didn't stop us to made a great performance. :D
for one day, i felt like a celebrity because so many people wanted to take a picture with me and all the Indonesian delegates. i blame our colorful traditional costumes. ;p and our stand was a hit! they love the food even though some people run to other stand to get a drink 'cause the food is too spicy for them.
after having so much fun at the International brunch, the Indonesian delegates had more fun afterwards, taking lots of pictures in the old Ilmenau station after load up by eating Turkish food. :9

 as they said, practice makes perfect. so the night before International Brunch, the Indonesian delegates had saman and singing practices until 2 am! (we're really dedicated, aren't we? ;p) since me and Raja knows saman, we were the one that tought them. the funny thing is, we practiced downstairs at the mensa while upstairs they were having a party. it was like we made our own party and everybody's watching. haha! i kinda like the attention though. hehe,