big international event, small city

it was 10:30 in the morning with 8 degrees of temperature and i wore the west borneo traditional costumes with only short sleeves and sandal! i couldn't feel my hand, hell! we were all felt that. haha! when we practiced saman dance, our hand were so cold that every time we clapped it together, it hurts! but it didn't stop us to made a great performance. :D
for one day, i felt like a celebrity because so many people wanted to take a picture with me and all the Indonesian delegates. i blame our colorful traditional costumes. ;p and our stand was a hit! they love the food even though some people run to other stand to get a drink 'cause the food is too spicy for them.
after having so much fun at the International brunch, the Indonesian delegates had more fun afterwards, taking lots of pictures in the old Ilmenau station after load up by eating Turkish food. :9

 as they said, practice makes perfect. so the night before International Brunch, the Indonesian delegates had saman and singing practices until 2 am! (we're really dedicated, aren't we? ;p) since me and Raja knows saman, we were the one that tought them. the funny thing is, we practiced downstairs at the mensa while upstairs they were having a party. it was like we made our own party and everybody's watching. haha! i kinda like the attention though. hehe,

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