And Soon The Darkness

this movie is really represent one of many global issues on the world, woman trafficking. in this story, the girls are having a vacation in Argentina, one of the most beautiful and exotic places in this world. but when they got into a fight and got separated, one of them was kidnapped by some local guy. maybe for some of the people that watched this movie, it's only just a regular thriller movie. but for me, it has a lot more meaning than just a scary thriller. 'cause in the real world, it really IS happening. lots of women reported disappear (or actually kidnapped). the kidnapper will sell them to someone who has a lot of money. some of them will become prostitute or maid or just gonna be sold to another man again.
the more horrible thing again, that it's only happen to women. nobody want to kidnapped or sell men! i mean.. this generation didn't even think about woman emancipation. they only think woman is only for men's satisfier! 
anyway.. for you girls safety, if you ever travel to foreign country (anywhere!) never ever go alone! at least find some companion. don't easily trust someone you meet a couple of minutes.


someone made it for me! :D

too many movies

 the baby, Sophie, is tooo cute! ;p
i love Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl. they are just so believable when they fight. but i realize something. Katherine act is not too different from any movies that she did. well maybe she only took romantic-drama genre for a script. but there's nothing new and a little bit boring. like she didn't want to challenge herself to take another genre.

Jack Gylenhaal and Anne Hathaway is cute together. hehe, they're both lovable in this movie. i love how Anne hand shake like a real Parkinson's people. bravo to them! what i don't really like, that this movie is a little bit too vulgar to watch. too many sex act. i mean, i didn't expect that Anne will show her breast so easy like that. and.. i didn't expect Jake could made a bad boy image too 'cause his face is too charming and it says good all over it.


welcome to the good life

"surround yourself with good people
and good things will come to you."

fun reunion!

this reunion time with my high school friends, we decided to go to TMII!


art from boredom

in my mind, translated to music

"there's something bout how you stay in my mind
there's something bout the way that i whisper your name when i'm asleep
maybe it's the look you get in your eyes
oh baby, it's the that makes me feel to see you smile
and the reasons they may change
but what i'm feeling stay the same"
Clay Aiken - The Way

"i love you baby like a flower love the spring
and i love you baby like a robin love to sing
and i love you baby like a school boy love his bag
and i love you baby river deep, mountain high"
River Deep, Mountain High - Glee Cast

"it's like catching lightning 
the chances of finding someone like you
it's one in a million 
the chances of feelings the way we do"
Can I Have This Dance - High School Musical

"the thing about you
is you know just how to get me
the thing about me
is that i really want to let you 
open that door and walk into my life"
Say It Again - Marie Digby

"you're so amazing you took the time to figure me out
that's why you take me way past the point of turning me on
you 'bout to break me 
i swear you got me losing my mind"
What's My Name - Rihanna ft. Drake


family blast!

gilaa! udah lama banget gw sama keluarga gw ga jalan kayak gini. just enjoy our time together and goof around all day. ;p
gw seneng banget akhirnya gw ada kesempatan buat ngumpul sama mereka lagi. fyi, kita jarang banget bisa jalan2 kayak gini soalnya si dira udh kuliah di jogja, gw sama dinda di bandung (tepatnya di jatinangor), udah gitu klao liburan ga pernah kompak.
this is what we do this holiday (bandung dan sekitarnya) :
- hri kamis tgl 3, kita berangkat dari rumah pagi menuju bandung, langsung makan siang di Thai Palace. abis itu kita ke jalan riau jalan2 ke FO. udah capek liat2 baju, balik ke kosan gw di nangor.
- besok paginya hari jumat tgl 4, kita ke gede bage belanja (except bokap gw ;p). udah enek ngeliat baju dan kaki udah mo copot, bokap udah selesai solat jumat, kita meluncur ke restoran Cibiuk (persuaded by my sister)
- malemnya kita ke vila di ciwidey sampe hari minggu sambil silahturahmi sama sodara2 yang ada disana
padet laah.. pengen lagi lah liburan sama keluarga kayak gini. jadi ada waktu senggang bareng2 dikit langsung cabut. yuk!


Cold Prey 3

menegangkan abiiss! (sori ya gw kagak pake bhs inggris. biar bisa leluasa gitu ngomongnya. ;p)
okee.. nih film oke banget walopun endingnya konyol banget. tuh cewek udh berusaha buat ngasih tau siapa yang jahat, eeh.. dia yang ketembak. sedih deh ah. tapi sebenernya sih gw emang suka film thriller yang endingnya ga happy ending soalnya lebih memuaskan aja buat gw. hehe,
oya, sekedar informasi buat kalian, walopun judulnya cold prey 3 (kayaknya males ya ngedenger judulnya tiba2 udh ketiga aja?) tapi ini ga nyambung sama sekali kok sama yang pertama dan kedua.
yang di poster atas itu judul norwaynya (ini film dari norway). kalo di bahasa inggrisin jadi cold prey.

a little heaven called Lombok

thanks to TAMASYA magazine to give mo the opportunity to go to Lombok. i'm so happy! fyi, i was with a group of people (including my dad), and i am the youngest one there. but don't get me wrong, i had fun there but being around everybody in your age is way better than spending time with everybody that are way older than you. but some of them are really cool, i like talking to them. :)
back to Lombok, despite the really hot weather, i enjoy the beach in Gili Trawangan. it is soo.. beautiful i just want to dive to the clear water. there's one thing that i realize in there. the island is meant for foreign citizen. there were bars, bikinis, alcohols everywhere. it wasn't scream Indonesia, but it screams America. i was a little concern about that. 'cause Lombok is in Indonesia, so we have to decorate every tourism spots in Indonesia as it is, as Indonesia. don't let the foreign culture affect our tourism spots.