first day in Ilmenau :D

i arrived at Ilmenau maybe at 4.30ish (i kinda forgot) with a new friend (yay!), named Guillermo from Argentina. we met at the train going to Erfurt. from there to Ilmenau, we practically became travel buddy. haha! he's so nice and has a really cute face and on the Erfurt station, we met another ISWI friend who also came from Argentina. 
the view from Erfurt to Ilmenau was so nice, there was yellow field and mountain everywhere with some old castle here and there. when we arrived at Ilmenau, there were already a few people and host. some girl said they were host and still need two more girls to go with them. immediately i volunteer with a girl from Poland, Marta and a girl from Sweden, Natasha (which became my roommate for 10 days. :))
i actually had 9 host! they are Kerstin, Christina, Jan, Susi, Alex and i forgot the rest. hehe, they were all so nice and hospitable and understanding. the first night we spend the night together, they were drinking alcohol and i immediately told them that i'm a moslem and i couldn't drink those. and Alex brought me a fresh drinking water. haha! so sweet. not only the host, but i also fall in love with the house! too bad i didn't have a picture of it. it was really cozy with movie posters everywhere, really cool balcony and an eco-lamp that could track your movement. i knew from then on that i will miss them very much when ISWI 2011 is over.

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