Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1

wooohoo! at last.. the most anticipated movie of all time is here! and i watched it just yesterday! i hate it! i really hate it! well, i'm kidding. i just hate the ending. it was soo good until it was over! urgh! i know it was a great decision to split the book into two, but now, when i saw the first part, i'm craving for the second part! and i have to wait for it for a long time since it'll be release June or July 2011! oh no! i'm not that patient. haha!
by the way, i love that in this movie, there's a strong chemistry between Ron and Hermione. i don't like when they cut some of the stories in the book, though. and some of the parts, they changed it! i kept complaining the whole movie to my friends while i watched it. haha! but it was so worth the wait despite it has flaws. i just can't barely wait for the second part! oh dear time.. please be hurry to past.


for all single girls out there

gw bikin nih posting bukan berarti gw single. nope! i have a boyfriend. tapi... i dedicated this post for all the single girls out there. satu hari, pas gw lagi jalan bareng temen2 gw (include cowok gw), temen gw yang belum pernah pacaran seumur hidupnya (yep! masih ada org yang kayak gitu. saluut!), mukanya langsung berubah mupeng. dan setelah gw misah dari yang lainnya dan menuju ke kosan dia, gw, dia dan beberapa temen gw yang lain mulai gosip ga karuan.
tiba2, pas lagi ngomongin gebetannya, dia nangis! kita semua pada bingung. katanya dia sedih banget karena ga ada yang suka sama dia. trus, parahnya lagi, dia nyalahin diri sendiri! woooo.. gw sama temen2 yang lain langsung nyetopin dia. girls, jodoh itu semuanya ada di tangan Allah SWT.  dan ga mungkin! i repeat.. ga mungkin! ga ada yang ga suka sama lo. pasti ada! kita semua tuh cantik, mau dari luar ataupun dalam. cantik itu relatif. ga semua cowok sama, ga semuanya ngeliat dari fisik. masih ada kok cowok yang ngeliat lo apa adanya. who knows, mungkin seseorang selama ini merhatiin lo, suka lo diem2? you just have to be open to it. kalo gebetan lo ga suka sama lo (walaupun lo udh berusaha segigih mungkin), maybe it isn't meant to be.
lagipula, being single itu ga berarti lo 'sendirian' kok. trust me, kalo lo udh pernah pacaran, pasti ada saatnya lo kangen pada waktu 'single' lo itu. ada temen2 lo kok yang selalu ngebantu lo, cheer up lo. you just have to believe there IS someone out there for you. :)

The Collector

 i felt terrible for Josh Stewart here. he didn't make it alive! (yeah, it means this movie doesn't have a happy ending. usually i love that kind of movie, but not for this one. the killer was so horrible, i didn't get to see his face, and the worst, he is really clever and strong. my heart never stop beating sooo.. fast during this movie. like, this movie actually didn't let my heart slow down for just a moment. luckily i watched it in the afternoon although i did watched this movie alone. haha! it is a definitely must watch movie for all of you who love thriller movies. two thumbs up for the chill!


twins t's

i got a t shirt from one of Dira's friend, Mita. i should really thank her cause she is so nice. she gave it to us for our birthday present. i didn't even knew her that well. the hell, i never talked to her. haha! i really like it cause now everybody will know that we're actually twins eventhough it's a little bit hard to believe. maybe for some people it is soo.. hard to believe. one time, i met a new friend, and i told him that Dira is my twins, he laughed and he thought that i was joking. he even thought that our name was just a coincidence! hahaha!



new haircut

okaay.. i've had my haircut two weeks ago, but i just upload the photo so it makes it new. hehe,
although a little bit of regret, but i like it cause my face look more fresh. :)


Charlie St. Cloud

i watched it yesterday. i thought it was gonna be cheesy and weird, but actually it was pretty good. it was a sad movie, (but it wasn't enough to make me cry. haha!)
by the way... Zac Efron is very very handsome like always! i really felt his chemistry with Amanda Crew (playing Tess in this movie), despite his long term relationship with girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. but i didn't really like his brother, Sam (i don't know what his real name) acting. it's not that bad, but it's lack something. maybe because he's a new comer. moreover, i love the set which is on the sea and the middle of the forest with really great sunset lighting. i really recommend you to watch this movie, especially when you're a Zac Efron fan.


kegilaan menjadi mahasiswa

inilah hasil dari kejenuhan kita akan kuliah yang (dulunya) kita anggep sebagai salah satu dari kesetresan kita. seiring berjalannya waktu, mm.. ga berubah. haha! gw masih merasa kayak semester 1, yaitu sering ketawa2 bareng temen2 gw dengan lebaynya sampe nangis2,  ngecengin orang sampe puas, ngomongin dosen, dan masih banyak perbuatan dosa lainnya.
gw juga kangen banget pengen foto2 kayak diatas lagi. well, karena sekali lagi seiring berjalannya waktu, kita saling ngejauh. temenan sih masih, tapi ya ada lah halangan2nya. ada yang udh dapet pacar lah, ada yang udh jadi ketua angkatan lah, ada yang udh mikirin bentuk badan lah, dan sebagainya. well, kalo gw foto2 pake web cam dengan gaya yang bikin orang jumpalitan, gw bakal update. tunggu tanggal mainnya.

7 random things about me

First, I ate, a lot. Haha! But somehow I never got fat just my belly starting to look like I’m having a child.
Second, I enjoyed picking my nose. I know it’s gross people out (especially my sister), but I can’t help it. ;p
Third, I lovee.. to buy artsy stuff like crayons, sketch book, and others eventhough sometimes I had to spend many money for them.
Forth, I feel more powerful when I’m in a uniform or suit or something. I think it makes me look better.
Fifth, I like to talk to myself in English. Weird huh?
Sixth, I’m obsessed to go to other countries. I would literally do anything to do it.
Seventh, I, sometimes, couldn’t live without gadgets and electronics. If I hadn’t have one of them to kill times, I don’t know what else to do.
Eight, I am a lazy person. Yep! That’s right. Although my friends see me as a not-a-very-lazy person, well.. they’re wrong. hehe,

Actually, there are sooo… many other things that you should know about me. But well, maybe next time. :))


ceramah ilmiah

sekarang gw ngeblog pake bahasa indonesia aja. rada capek juga kalo pake bahasa inggris terus. hehe,
btw, kemaren anak2 Ilmu Kelautan (KL 2 sama KL 3) ngadain ceramah ilmiah sama TNI AL Bandung. orangnya asik banget! rada capek juga sih (padahal gw cuman dokumentasi. hehe,)
oya, pas gw mulai bekerja (baca : poto2 muke org), gw baru nyadar. i'm not really good at photography. gw gatau kenapa baru sekarang gw nyadar padahal gw udh menekuni nih hobi dari jaman SMA. hhmm.. well, setelah gw pikir2 lagi, mungkin karena gw jarang latihan or jarang nanya2 ke bokap gw yg udh gape.

cerita behind the scene : rapat juga jarang. haha! kalo rapat jadi bingung ngapain soalnya emang gw cuman dokumentasi. soo.. gw cuman duduk manis aja dengerin org2 ngomong.


what is romantic to you?

right now, i'm in an emotional mood. soo.. i think it's okay to talk about emotional stuff right now. hehe,
romantic to me is..
one, when you wake up in the morning, you're just on your way to take a bath downstairs and you realize there was a piece of paper filled with letters torn off from a magazine.
two, it was raining, and you didn't have anything to do. suddenly someone knock on your door and brought you sweet and warm treat (read : bajigur).
three, you're on a phone feeling moody as ever. the one you talked to offer to give you some comfort by singing live for you with a guitar strumming beautifully.
four, you're lying in a hospital bed, sick. someone visited you and what do they bring for a sick people with a bad cough? A CANDY!
five, you were crying like a baby when it seems the world just bring yourself to your knee. someone comfort you by buying you an ice cream.
six. someone made a song specially for you! even though it was after your break up.

soo.. what IS romantic to YOU?

scuba diving!

last november, (i forgot what date exactly), i had my first scuba lesson in UPI swimming pool. it was sooo.. much fun! i feel like i didn't want to leave the water. haha! here are some pictures of me. i know that my face wasn't really clear because of the goggle. but trust me, it was me, not another people. :)

i just can't wait to dive in the open ocean. so excited!