road trip!

finally... road trip! with only 2 boys and 6 loud girls, we were heading to the same direction 4 months ago: Lengkongbarang! so happy that we finally got to do this although not with full team. but i had a full day blast. nothing has changed (well not dramatically). so glad people still remember us and still welcome us in open arms. hope someday we could do this road trip again. maybe in the next 4 months? 4 years? who knows.


Habibie & Ainun

this is actually my first time ever reviewing Indonesian movies. well because this is actually one of the best Indonesian movie that i watched in a really long time. and may i say, that Indonesian movie industry are back on track. after watching 5 cm (which have a breathtaking cinematography. must watch also) and this movie, i can't wait to see what's in store next. i love love love Reza Rahadian's acting. he's a gorgeous actor, but in here, he just look like Forrest Gump. but that's a good thing! that means he nailed being Habibie. this movie also makes me like BJ Habibie more. he is super genius and always so sure about himself.


and the manta awareness still going on..

although our 'Komodo' times has passed, Ichsan and I still very much wanted people to know about mantas. so our dive organization decided making us as one of the keynote speaker in our second annual expo! and yes, it was nerve wracking! i mean come on, i never am confident enough to talk in front of my class, and now i have to do what?! but it went well, don't get me wrong. i was just sweating like crazy, and i talked really fast. after this? no more public speaking please ;p (well maybe not this time around)
by the way, i am very proud to be one of the two people that got an amazing opportunity as a MantaWatch intern. i mean come on, for one month i got to meet mantas (that means constantly diving) and i don't have to think about all my campus assignments? what could be better than that? haha! PS: if you guys want to know more about mantas and how you could contribute to conserve them, go here. come join us to be the manta protector :D



i won't deny that i love and always will top 40 songs. but recently (and i think Tumblr has a big influence on it), that i started listening to indie songs and stuff. even though most of my playlist still come from big musician such as Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, and Demi Lovato, but it has been mixed up with musicians that maybe only a few of you ever heard such as HAIM, St. Lucia and Swimming With Dolphins. you should hear them, and like me, you will get addicted by some. as for me, right now i'm playing Frank Ocean and HAIM. but too bad i couldn't find the acoustic version of Go Slow? you guys have it? if you do, please contact me :)


jadi kenangan setelah lengser

gw officially lengser jadi pengurus OSEANIK sejak tanggal 29 November 2012 kamis kemaren. rasanya seneng sekaligus sedih. dan gw kira gw bakal merasa lega banget karena gw ga harus musingin ngurus acara2 lagi dan bleketek lainnya, tapi gw malah ngerasa kayak ga ada yang berubah. gw masih merasa punya tanggung jawab akan hal2 yang menyangkut OSEANIK (well pastinya, karena walopun gw udah lengser tapi gw masih harus 'ngawas'). semua kenangan2 yang udah gw lakuin sama temen2 OSEANIK bener2 menyenangkan, dari yang ngeselin, makan ati, nyenengin hati, sampe yang bikin sakit perut gara2 kebanyakan ketawa. i'll miss them and our crazy talks every time we spend times together. semoga gw masih bisa meluangkan waktu buat ikutan acara2 yang dibuat OSEANIK. one thing i can't wait: our next expedition! sign me in! :D