Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1

wooohoo! at last.. the most anticipated movie of all time is here! and i watched it just yesterday! i hate it! i really hate it! well, i'm kidding. i just hate the ending. it was soo good until it was over! urgh! i know it was a great decision to split the book into two, but now, when i saw the first part, i'm craving for the second part! and i have to wait for it for a long time since it'll be release June or July 2011! oh no! i'm not that patient. haha!
by the way, i love that in this movie, there's a strong chemistry between Ron and Hermione. i don't like when they cut some of the stories in the book, though. and some of the parts, they changed it! i kept complaining the whole movie to my friends while i watched it. haha! but it was so worth the wait despite it has flaws. i just can't barely wait for the second part! oh dear time.. please be hurry to past.

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