7 random things about me

First, I ate, a lot. Haha! But somehow I never got fat just my belly starting to look like I’m having a child.
Second, I enjoyed picking my nose. I know it’s gross people out (especially my sister), but I can’t help it. ;p
Third, I lovee.. to buy artsy stuff like crayons, sketch book, and others eventhough sometimes I had to spend many money for them.
Forth, I feel more powerful when I’m in a uniform or suit or something. I think it makes me look better.
Fifth, I like to talk to myself in English. Weird huh?
Sixth, I’m obsessed to go to other countries. I would literally do anything to do it.
Seventh, I, sometimes, couldn’t live without gadgets and electronics. If I hadn’t have one of them to kill times, I don’t know what else to do.
Eight, I am a lazy person. Yep! That’s right. Although my friends see me as a not-a-very-lazy person, well.. they’re wrong. hehe,

Actually, there are sooo… many other things that you should know about me. But well, maybe next time. :))

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