what is romantic to you?

right now, i'm in an emotional mood. soo.. i think it's okay to talk about emotional stuff right now. hehe,
romantic to me is..
one, when you wake up in the morning, you're just on your way to take a bath downstairs and you realize there was a piece of paper filled with letters torn off from a magazine.
two, it was raining, and you didn't have anything to do. suddenly someone knock on your door and brought you sweet and warm treat (read : bajigur).
three, you're on a phone feeling moody as ever. the one you talked to offer to give you some comfort by singing live for you with a guitar strumming beautifully.
four, you're lying in a hospital bed, sick. someone visited you and what do they bring for a sick people with a bad cough? A CANDY!
five, you were crying like a baby when it seems the world just bring yourself to your knee. someone comfort you by buying you an ice cream.
six. someone made a song specially for you! even though it was after your break up.

soo.. what IS romantic to YOU?

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