meeting the right guy

okaay.. i'm in my swinging mood. again. haha! cause i have problems with my bf. i wanted to ask you guys. how do you guys know when you meet the right guy? cause after all this times i dated guys, i can't tell. they're not perfect (of course), but i still can't even tell. i always ended up blaming myself choosing the wrong guy to date. i never date a guy for a year! and i think that's bad. moreover, when i look at my friends who got long term relationships, i thought, there is something wrong with me! why can't i do that too? is it the guy? or is it me? do i have a commitment problem? to make me feel good about myself, i'm starting to think that i HAVEN'T found someone good for myself. being in a relationship should be about feeling good, happy and being yourself. and if a relationship doesn't make you all three of them, maybe you should work it or not meant to be.


  1. dear my beloved ditong..

    i am about trying to share my experience in loving a bf, to you
    but honestly, i just ever been ONCE in a relationship, the 'my now' relationship, so..it might be not a really accurate experience..

    firstly, this is the rule
    *perfect guy has never beem EXIST in this galaxy
    *dont blame yourself for a relationship..there's always two part in a ship, the only part to take responsibility for another that doesnt take part are running on a relationshit, not ship!
    *love is not about how long, but how good the quality..

    hehehes (bundo sotoy~)

    you shall have a reason for loving a person. that reason will keep you stay for that person, then also making you keep tolerating his mistake and weakness(by REGULAR forgiveness..again, again, and again)
    because, when you have no reason while starting a love story, you also won't find a reason when you just accidentally want to finish it..

    dita sayang, i believe that as a film's freaky lover..you've watched eat.pray.love (about a toleration in love, in the same way, getting your own freedom of being yourself)

    dear, the most important thing now, is increasing your SELF QUALITY.
    our mate, is ourselves reflection.
    if you are GOOD, automatically, you will DESERVE to get a GOOD boy who will accept you, conditionally..as you wish

    happy weekend, dita

  2. thank you so much bundo for your wise words. i know i could count on you. :)