time to sleep

3 days ago, i had a very loong.. meeting for OSEANIK. it wasn't boring, 'cause even the clock point to 1, we're still laughing and joking (i don't know how. haha!)
buut.. what i didn't like is, that i don't have time to sleep. well, i did rest my eyes. but it's only for a few minutes. i didn't sleep for 24 hours! my eyes are really sore! maybe it was okay for other people, but it is not okay with me. 'cause losing sleep is not good for our health. you get drowsy, maybe a headache or even a fever. losing sleep is not an option. i suggest you guys to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours. but if you have something important like the one i mentioned (like meeting), at least you sleep for 6 hours. if less than that, your brain and body won't work at a maximum capability. so pleasee.. especially for the boys, sleep well. and guys, working on assignment until the middle of the night is not an excuse. 'cause it was your own fault. if you got an assignment (especially if it's many), you have to do it as soon as you can. treat your body good. if you don't, they will treat (bad) you back.

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