workshop capture

30 people. 4 amazing workshop leaders. 10 amazing days. 1 workshop. 
i knew when i was accepted by ISFiT that i will get many new friends from every corner of the world and get amazing experiences, but i didn't expect to have this much fun with my workshop. i'll admit that i'm not an extrovert person, and i am a shy person. i have a huge insecurities about myself. but somehow, being in this group changes all that. they brings out the best in me shortly saying.
thank you for all the debates (that i'm sorry to say, sometimes slowly eating my brain cells ;p), all the documentaries that we watched, all the games that we played, and of course-my personal favorite-the last day of workshop. i will never forget all your embarrassing moments that you guys shared. and i am sure you won't forget mine -_-" and the epic "monkeying" the monkey business workshop!
i'm not going to say goodbye to you all, just a simple "see you later". because we will meet. sooner or later.

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