must visit in Trondheim

 so it was -7 degrees outside, and our workshop decided it was going to be fun to do a scavenger hunt. what?! well i had a great time i won't lie. my group was amazing and we work pretty well as a group. despite the cold, we went to some amazing place in Trondheim. one of it was the Gamle Bybro or the Old Town Bridge. it got beautiful view and we were there when the sun was almost setting so it was the perfect time to take pictures ;p this bridge is near Bakklandet neighborhood. so let's just say my freezing feet and nose are defeated by the awesomeness of Trondheim.
the second place would be Kristiansten Fortress. the view was really breathtaking! you could see all of Trondheim and the infamous Nidaros Cathedral (well, the tip of the building though). if you dare and if you're lucky, maybe you could go here to see sunrise or sunset. i was there when the sun is almost set, but not setting yet, so i got a very clear view of all the city, mountains, and the sea. it was amazing. you could go here from Bakklandet as well. it's not too far, i think it was about 1 km. so if you're the chosen one for ISFiT 2015, come to these places and share your own thoughts. how bout it?


  1. Ditonngg, ini tempat keren sekali. bundo suka sekali :D huwa huwa... tidak sabar untuk punya kesemapatan dapat pergi kesana juga

  2. amiiin ya Allah. pasti bisa kok bun sooner or later :)