snow on my toes

one of my most favorite event in ISFiT: Ski Day! although i'm not really looking forward to the day where i'm going to fall off my butt hundreds of time ;p but you know me. i love to try new things. so i won't miss this one. skiing in Norway! 
so there i was. using a borrowed ski with no proper shoes, sliding in a cross country field. i was doing great at first. no falling and feeling i'm actually will be good at skiing. that was my mistake. over estimating my capability. because when i tried  going up the hill and skiing down, i can't stop and my only way to stop was of course falling off my butt. so that's my not so tragic story. on the other hand, i really enjoyed sliding down the hill with only a plastic paper, drinking those delicious cup of hot chocolate and hot dog, the feeling of not feeling my toes anymore, dancing along the Gangnam Style music, and participating in a Guinness World Record attempt of the world's biggest hold hands with many different nationalities (or something like that). yep! you got that right. i actually participate in GWR attempt. and we made it!

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