how to get to: Bodo

the view from my hostel
Bodo is in the northern part of Norway. from Trondheim, you could go there by train straight to Bodo. you don't have to stop at Fauske first (from my very own experience 'cause my ticket said i have to get off in Fauske). it will took about 8 hours to get there, and you don't have to worry if you're gonna miss the station. cause it will be the last station ;)
the train (NSB) was so comfy, i especially love the toilet. haha! there's a mini cafetaria in the train. and the food's price is reasonable i think, around 20-70 NOK. there's also wifi. but it's going to be unstable because well hello! you're in the middle of a snow desert. and i suggest you book your seat from your country. because if you book there, it's gonna cost you a lot. and if you don't book at all, well, here's hoping. 
recommended place to stay is Bodo Vandrerhjem Hostel. it's not near the train station, but it is in the train station! plus it's only 5 minute walk from the Sentrum. 325 NOK for one night you get wifi, heater, TV, and bed linens. there's also a coffee slash hot chocolate maker in front of the information desk and it only cost you 10 NOK. it was delicious! but too bad the staff is not that friendly.
if you're on a budget like i do (especially in Norway because everything is expensive there), try not to spend so much money on food. do like i did. buy a bread in a bakery. it usually cost 10 NOK, and then buy some meat in the grocery store. for pork you will get 10 pieces for 20 NOK and for lamb you'll get 4 pieces for 30 NOK. not bad right? and maybe if you're lucky like i did, you'll find 3 for 30 NOK breads package! if you want to eat something different for your next meal, try Big Bite. for 39 NOK you'll get "sandwich of the day" and a drink. great deal if i may say.

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