lucky in Semarang

second stop on our next Java Trip is Semarang. well actually, we should've went to Tegal first. but how destiny speaks different. when we arrive in Tegal train station which we accomplished by taking bus from Indramayu for 2 hours and an elf for an hour AND an angkot, we found out that the train to Semarang will leave at just about no more than 30 minutes from the time that we arrive. not wanting to passed up the great chance, so wee bought it and we ended up only eat Soto in front of the train station. and that was it! our (very) short journey in Tegal.
after a short 2 hours train journey, we arrived in Semarang! because the aim of this trip are minimum budget, so we always find some relatives or just someone to help us find a place to rest (a.k.a a place to stay). in Semarang, it was Indi's parents. they are one of the nicest and the most energetic married couple that i ever met. got me thinking that i HAVE to be like that someday with my husband when we're older ;p
we met them at a hospital where Tante works, then they treated us a very late lunch in Koeno Koeni. a very romantic and vintage place located on a hill overlooking Semarang. good food and good company. what else can you want, right? right after that, while waiting for Tante yoga class, we sat down with Om and talked almost everything about relationships and being parents. it was really heartwarming to know that he's a really open minded dad about his two daughters and today's culture.
once again, thank you for crashing into your house for two nights. hoping one day we'll meet again, can't wait to have yet another amazing conversations with you two :)

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