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I am the first MantaWatch internship alumni back in 2012 along with Ichsan. MantaWatch internship is an event you don't want to miss, especially if you love to dive and conservation. But this internship is not all about mantas. It is also a great opportunity for you to practice your English and communication (of course, both with English and Bahasa).
By receiving this very prestigious internship (this year would be given to 6 lucky students!), it would open many doors to your future career. Look at me now! I am now a part of the MantaWatch team! I am the new Liaison Officer for West Manggarai and Komodo region. Basically, i'll be maintaining a good relationship with all dive centers there and also hold a couple of informal meetings with the DKP if necessary. I consider myself a shy person, so this job definitely will be a challenge. Nevertheless, it will also mean that I could improve my communicating skill to a whole new level (well hopefully). The best part of this job would be the fact that I will be living in Labuan Bajo for a couple of months.
This internship, among thousands of benefit, will make you a lot more confident, not only in communicating and presenting something scientific (yes, at one point you HAVE to do that in front of tourists) but also on your diving skills. The mentors are really helpful and understanding, so do not hesitate to tell them if you don't feel like going diving.
For this internship, just be confident! Trust me, it will take you a long way. Good luck applicants! I'll be seeing you in beautiful Komodo :)

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