Jog-ja.. Jog-ja..

did you know that you could go to Jogja from Semarang by using Joglo Semar travel? it is so convenient! but it was a bit pricy though (Rp 75.000,- per person including snack and quite a comfortable seat). luckily i don't have to pay anything because of Om was really generous to pay it for me hehe. 
so we arrived in Jogja 3 hours later, and instantly met Benk and Via, put our heavy bags in Via's place, met my Norge friend Fina, and THEN we went to Taman Sari! too bad when we arrived there it was closed so we ended up going to this old building which is too old to even have a proper paint job (kidding). i think it was a perfect place to take pictures since it felt antique-y and mystic.
 right after that, we picked Rakjat Djelata to fill our stomach. i really love this place. it got an old school feel to it, you could pick your food, good traditional Indonesian drinks, and the most important things is the fact that it was cheap! i mean really cheap for a themed restaurant. so my stomach AND my wallet are so pleased ;)
our day wasn't done yet, but my friend Fina already said goodbye to us. we went to Pasar Kelitikan afterwards to. at first i didn't know why we went there 'cause i don't really want to buy anything old, but it turns out that Riant was searching for old Indonesian money which is really cute and i think at one point i was lured to buy one too haha! 
because i insisted to go to Raminten, so we went! eating again ;p i really loved Tahu Pong (tahu that filled with super tasty egg) and Melonkolis (half a melon topped with ice cream and syrup) there. a really recommended place to eat if you're searching for a cheap, tasty and unique food.
aand.. this unique restaurant closed our exciting first day in Jogja.

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