the perks of travelling alone

so recently i've travel to Malaysia alone. it all started when my mom told me that she has extra money from her airline voucher and asked me if i have a friend over in Malaysia. well of course i said i have and i would love to use that voucher even though i HAVE to go completely alone. but i guess it's not a one minute decision since my mom always change her mind. but after a few hours, i asked to her again, and she still permitted me to go. so immediately i contact my friend from high school who live there, back to Jatinangor to get my passport, asked my mom to book my flight, etc etc etc and two days later i'm off to Malaysia!
i wouldn't say it was my best trip so far, 'cause being a lone traveler has it's ups and downs. but because that was my first time ever traveling without companion. (exclude my travel to Germany and Netherlands 'cause i still escorted by friends there) there, i met many interesting people. well there's a taxi driver who seems really nice at the beginning but flirted as our conversation goes by, there's a handsome bus driver who gave me money 'cause he forgot to remind me my stop and give me really helpful advice (thank you ;p), and lastly, there's Joseph. a Californian man whom i met at KL Central. he is super super nice, but as times goes by (we text), he's a bit scary for me.
if you want to read more stories how my solo trip went in Malaysia, well you just have to keep opening my blog ;p cheerio!

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