must visit: Batu Caves

first stop on my trip to Malaysia was Batu Caves! actually when i first went to Malaysia with my family i've been there, but never got the chance to climb to the very top of the stairs. it has 272 stairs by the way. it was a piece of cake for me to get on top (in my fasting season too, not to brag ;p) although my thigh kind of sore from that. what i didn't know is that how hard it is to climb down from there. i felt really dizzy because of the height. and yes, i am scared of places that is way too high but i'm not scared of 'heights' if you know what i mean.
 how to get there:
from KL Central you have to go to Commuter Line counter (not the rapid KL ticket machine 'cause it's a different train) ask to go to Batu Caves which they will gave you a ticket. don't be confused to find the train terminal, because the train will be last headed to Batu Caves as you can see from the very first picture so you don't have to board anymore train. and just from the previous station you could see the big gold statue of the Buddha and voila! you're in Batu Caves. enjoy your way up to the caves :)

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