spontaneity to an island

 okaay.. because this was a one minute decision, of course i didn't bring anything to prepare myself for staying-the-night-in-georgetown kind of thing. i didn't bring any clothes, undies, and the worst thing was that my phone battery is almost dead and of course i didn't bring my charger too. so i have to shut it down so the battery could last longer, well at least until i got back to my friend's apartment. 
so not knowing where i'm going 'cause i got there at 7 pm, i asked a taxi driver where is the cheapest motel and he gave me Hong Ping Hotel not far from the bus station. it's pretty good for 75rm per night. there's a bottle of water, soap, towel, hot water, fan, and AC. even though there are so many restaurants, but the motel owner said there are mostly not halal, so i took the easiest restaurant, indian. not the best taste, (but i have to admit i am loving the teh tarik ;p) but i'm glad my stomach was already full. my next concern would be deodorant. what would my life be without them? i would be a human repellent. so after i finished my dinner, i searched for a mini market and thank god i found a 7 eleven. my problem didn't stop there. since i'm fasting, i have to eat before 6 am. and unfortunately, even though i slept like a watch dog (awake and asleep every now and then), i still couldn't wake up at 4 am. i woke up at 6 or 6.30 am i couldn't remember. so i didn't fast that day.
my last problem would be the people there. my goal in Georgetown is to go to the Clan Jetties Floating Village. but as i asked so many people, they still didn't know where it was and as if they didn't understand what i was saying. like i was talking Germany to them. 
well, what's holiday without a little bit of problems here and there, right? it wouldn't make an interesting story when you get back ;) and what's holiday without a bit of spontaneity? and last but not least, what's a holiday without being clueless? let yourself get lost!

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