The Dark Knight Rises

it's been a while that i didn't post a movie review although i've been watch a couple of new movies this past couple of weeks. but i didn't want to review the other cause i think this movie is the best of the batch. i thought it will be like Spiderman movie which i thought really not that good although i really love looking Andrew Garfield smile ;p but i mean come on! Uncle Ben died twice? and her love between Gwen Stacy is really kinda easy. and i'm reviewing that movie instead of this. okay, back to this. i loooove.. Anne Hathaway in here. she's sexy, she's strong, she's everything a woman could ever be. and the story makes you didn't even want to blink! yep, that's how good this movie is. PS: Tom Hardy looks really buff in this movie. if it weren't for the synopsis that i read, i won't notice that it was him!

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