too many movies

 the baby, Sophie, is tooo cute! ;p
i love Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl. they are just so believable when they fight. but i realize something. Katherine act is not too different from any movies that she did. well maybe she only took romantic-drama genre for a script. but there's nothing new and a little bit boring. like she didn't want to challenge herself to take another genre.

Jack Gylenhaal and Anne Hathaway is cute together. hehe, they're both lovable in this movie. i love how Anne hand shake like a real Parkinson's people. bravo to them! what i don't really like, that this movie is a little bit too vulgar to watch. too many sex act. i mean, i didn't expect that Anne will show her breast so easy like that. and.. i didn't expect Jake could made a bad boy image too 'cause his face is too charming and it says good all over it.

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