And Soon The Darkness

this movie is really represent one of many global issues on the world, woman trafficking. in this story, the girls are having a vacation in Argentina, one of the most beautiful and exotic places in this world. but when they got into a fight and got separated, one of them was kidnapped by some local guy. maybe for some of the people that watched this movie, it's only just a regular thriller movie. but for me, it has a lot more meaning than just a scary thriller. 'cause in the real world, it really IS happening. lots of women reported disappear (or actually kidnapped). the kidnapper will sell them to someone who has a lot of money. some of them will become prostitute or maid or just gonna be sold to another man again.
the more horrible thing again, that it's only happen to women. nobody want to kidnapped or sell men! i mean.. this generation didn't even think about woman emancipation. they only think woman is only for men's satisfier! 
anyway.. for you girls safety, if you ever travel to foreign country (anywhere!) never ever go alone! at least find some companion. don't easily trust someone you meet a couple of minutes.

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