a little heaven called Lombok

thanks to TAMASYA magazine to give mo the opportunity to go to Lombok. i'm so happy! fyi, i was with a group of people (including my dad), and i am the youngest one there. but don't get me wrong, i had fun there but being around everybody in your age is way better than spending time with everybody that are way older than you. but some of them are really cool, i like talking to them. :)
back to Lombok, despite the really hot weather, i enjoy the beach in Gili Trawangan. it is soo.. beautiful i just want to dive to the clear water. there's one thing that i realize in there. the island is meant for foreign citizen. there were bars, bikinis, alcohols everywhere. it wasn't scream Indonesia, but it screams America. i was a little concern about that. 'cause Lombok is in Indonesia, so we have to decorate every tourism spots in Indonesia as it is, as Indonesia. don't let the foreign culture affect our tourism spots. 

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