Majid Tavakoli

as an International Ambassador for ISFiT 2013, it is my job and my honor to present to you 2013 Student Peace Prize Winner: Majid Tavakoli.

"he is a student leader who is serving a nine year long prison sentence in Iran. He is imprisoned because of his criticism of the government in a speech he held for the student organization Islamic Students' Association at his University in 2009 and a letter he wrote from prison the following year. even from prison, he is a strong voice for democracy and academic freedom in Iran, and against the human rights violations he and many others are being exposed for. Tavakoli has become a symbol of student resistance against the regime in Iran. He is a public defender of a free Iran, even though he is aware of the risks this entails."
i'm really touch by what he did. even though he knows the risk, he still made it happen and he knows because it's for a good reason. he believes in freedom and human rights, and actually do something about it. i really am speechless how to describe this guy. you could all just go to isfit.org to see the complete detail of him.

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