alone? no problemo

do's and dont's when you're traveling alone in Malaysia:
- ask directions to anyone who looked local to you
- bring just the things that you think you might need in your backpack (don't bring everything 'cause it will be pretty heavy and you won't be comfortable)
- wear light clothes
- don't be ashamed or even hesitate to ask people to took your photo. it's the only way if you want a little bit of you in your camera
- start a conversation with strangers. people will surprise you ;)
- bring enough money and a watch

- looking lost (this is the most important of all!)
- looking like a tourist when you're face and Malaysian people are exactly the same
- took a taxi. this is the very last option! if you're lost, trains, buses or walking will just do
- think you know everything. believe me, it will just make you exhausted

but the most important of all, just enjoy! never feel lonely. you will meet many interesting people in your journey :)

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