birthday present!!

happy birthday to us, Anindira Rustandi! do you remember our first birthday party? it was in our playgroup. we had two super big birthday cakes, lots of birthday presents, and even grandma and our aunties were there to celebrate with us. even though when i saw the video again, our face looked super bored haha! but i knew by the time we open up our present we would felt like the luckiest girls in the whole world. can you believe we're now 21 years old? time goes by really fast, eh? but i think on this year's birthday we still feel happy by the time we open up our "birthday presents". well not that kind of "presents" like we got when we were little. but it's the feeling that came to us that we could still hug each other and gather with our family. and i think this year is the most special of all. we didn't even met in the exact day of our birthday (you were somewhere in Turkey and i was somewhere in the middle of Indramayu and Biawak Island, floating in the middle of the ocean). so this year, you are my most special birthday present :)

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