Keukenhoff, the flower heaven

 i felt like i'm in heaven! well, flower heaven even though there's not much tulips ('cause i'm searching for those in Holland) anymore. it was so magical (what am i talking about?)
by the way, it was really chilly when i got there. i wore a cardigan topped with a jeans jacket and wore a thick scarf too, but i was still freezing. you know what i did wrong? i wore a SANDAL! how stupid i am. well at first i thought it wasn't gonna be that chilly. blame the weather ;p
by the waaay.. i really love the apple pie there. it was so yummy! :9 
at Keukenhoff, i literally go to all the places there. every museum, every park. but i wasn't exhausted, neither was Tante Lianda. maybe because we took a lot of pictures along the way. hehe, 
the museum, especially the decorated flower museum, was lovely. they're really creative with those flowers. they even made a dress with it! i wish i'm that feminine. maybe i'll buy some flowers and decorated my room with some. :) talking about buying things, i am sooooo.. regretting not buying one of the traditional Holland shoes (i forgot what they called there). they were so cute and cheap.

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