strolling in Volendam

after having enough rest, i went to Volendam (a little tourist town) with Marco. the weather is nice, sun is shining, but a little bit windy. we walked all over the road, and Marco told me all about the history of the houses and i was really impressed by how the houses looked, how the streets are really clean. i want to lived there (i wish! haha)

it was actually fresh water, not salt water! brilliant!
and after strolling around, i took a picture wearing holland traditional costume. :D
my tips, if you ever want to take a picture wearing traditional costume, be sure you find a store which you could take a picture by your own camera too. because many of the stores doesn't allow you to take personal pictures anymore 'cause of some crazy tourist. they only wear the costumes and took a picture (with their own camera) and then just left without even paying.

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