saving sharks fun facts

okay, so maybe some of you don't know that i love love love watching underwater documentary on NatGeo or Animal Planet or Discovery Channel. so this month is my favorite because this month is all about saving sharks month! so they all got everything about sharks. so i gather up some fun facts about great white sharks yesterday:
1. they will grow a new set of teeth every 20 days
2. they will lose about 30.000 tooth in their lives! (creepy if you think human does that too)
3. they could risen their body temperature from their surroundings so they could hunt in a very cold temperature water
4. they swim so quite, maybe on one dive or swim, they could be behind us and we didn't even know. i got goosebumps just thinking about it!

so there you have it! enjoy sharks month! just maybe take care of yourself when handling great white sharks. well.. if you ever encounter with them that is ;)

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