i got a great SLR. i got a great mentor, and yes, in this case it's my dad. i always got a great opportunity to take gorgeous pictures in all of this gorgeous places. but somehow my passion for landscape and nature photography is fading. i know it's actually not a great deal because hey! people always do that. on their way to find their passion, they will leave and found new ones. and maybe this is one of mine. i just kinda feel disappointed with myself. or maybe just i don't want to disappoint my father for giving me an incredible SLR and now.. a tripod also. but then i thought, i could use it for a different purpose. i mean i have a blog. i like to share my stories with lots of pictures on it, so why don't i use it for that? 
but then again, because i love fashion, especially on the street, i started to think about street style photography like Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman. i don't know, maybe it's just a temporary thought. but then again, look at the first picture above that i took three years ago. it was my pride (well because lots of people like it on Flickr). it was such a beautiful shot and i didn't work that hard to capture it. i guess when my mind is on the right place, i could produce something like this more often. the question is, when will my mind will be in the exact right place again? 
i think the problem is that i asked myself too many questions that i couldn't answer by myself. so what i have to do now is just let it all sunk in, just use the SLR whenever and wherever i want it, and who knows? maybe i'll find other passion along the way.

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