must watch!

 this movie makes me want to join an acapella group and be a nerd. haha! this movie is surprisingly hilarious (but most of it because Rebel makes it funny). i just love that Fat Amy is really confident with herself and she is funny as hell! Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow has an amazing voice! like it said in the title, must watch! i've been watching this movie for 3 times in 2 days! yeah, i can say that i'm a little addicted ;)

have you read the book? because i haven't but i think the book is as awesome as this movie. usually books are better than the movies, but i think this movie nailed it. Charlie has a pure and innocent heart despite his horrible past, Sam and Patrick is just genuinely great friends, always know how to have fun. and Emma Watson is surprisingly could get rid of her British accent. bravo for her! and she is just simply stunning in short hair. makes me want to cut my hair just like her and dress like her. just your typical high school story plot, but i don't know why, i was really mesmerize with this movie.

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